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5 Scary Technological Advances

5 Scary Technological Advances – Modern Technological Advances which could be threatening if used in the wrong way

Technology is awesome. It can let people from across the world talk to each other. It can help assist in life-saving surgeries. It can help safely defuse bombs. However, technology isn’t always so friendly. In fact, it can be downright scary at times. Here are five technological advances that are definitely scary:


Electronic SurveillanceElectronic Surveillance

With the advent of drones, tracking chips in cars, and the rise in electronic payments, privacy is ever-shrinking. Now governments, businesses, and individuals can tell where someone is/has gone, what someone has bought, and even what is said in a “private” conversation. While counter-surveillance measures are always working to thwart these technologies, the threat of a world without privacy looms large.


Genetic Engineered VirusGenetically Engineered Viruses

While these lab-created variations on natural viruses have the potential to aid in fighting/curing diseases, there is a downside. The inherent instability involved in the testing and production of these microbes may do more harm than good. While fictional cases are the fodder for such stories as The Stand or The Masque of the Red Death, the potential for the creation of an accidental modern plague is frighteningly real.


cloud1The Cloud

Touted as virtually unlimited storage for data, clouds take potentially sensitive information and put it in the hands of others. While cloud storage companies claim to have top-notch security protocols in place, hackers always love a challenge. Companies like Google and Microsoft have incurred cloud breaches, but the worst is yet to come. Medium-sized businesses with in house storage are popular targets now, as they tend not to have the security measures of a cloud. As more businesses get hit, more will turn to the cloud and their perceived safety. Hackers will undoubtedly follow suit.


Laser Gun M6 SpartanLaser Weapons

Once strictly the stuff of Buck Rogers and Battlestar Galactica, laser weapons are a reality. Tests have shown them blowing up pickup truck engines and blasting drones. Laser-equipped fighter jets are projected to arrive in 2020. As with almost all technology, the size shrinks. Imagine a handgun that does not need reloading and never leaves behind a tell tale shell. The range of lasers is also worrisome. Even simple, non-lethal lasers can be seen for miles. With idiots taking these to sporting events to shine them in player’s eyes and others shining them in the eyes of airline pilots, it would be devastating if these lasers could kill.


Artificial Intelligence AIArtificial Intelligence

Scientists have been warning that artificial intelligence may not be the boon that proponents claim. With computers passing the “Turing Test”, a benchmark to decide whether a technology represents an intelligence indistinguishable from a human, the age of artificial intelligence has begun. Yes, many movies like The Terminator and The Matrix portray artificial intelligence as inherently evil, but it is simply too new to determine what it would mean for the world. Will it try to solve international disputes, or would it attempt to seize control of the global banking system? It is the danger of inventing something simply because it can be done without considering the consequences that makes scientists and non-scientists worried about AI.


Jessica Kane is a professional blogger who writes about technology and other gadgets and gizmos aplenty. She currently writes for Total Voice Tech, her go to for all professional Dragon products.


Best Office Apps For Android

Just a few years back, the way we worked was very different than how we manage our daily tasks these days. Many of us did not have PCs let alone a proper Internet connection. These days we have provider companies offering us a pretty standard 1mbps Internet speed but we know there was a time when we were grateful that Internet worked. Times have changed and what we see now is a radical revolution in the technology and science. But where does Office Apps for Android come in picture? It shows how much we have become dependent on our smartphones and computer tablets for our work, projects or just about anything and some are for good reasons. We have reached multi-touch gesture-based era of computing starting from microcomputers, PCs to Notebooks.

The Office Apps gratify our needs to access document files, create, edit or send them directly from our smartphones or tablets. Some of the apps are free and some are not and the ones that make the top of the lists for latest android smartphone are:

Best Office Apps for Android - Google Drive

Google Drive: This one is not an Office app technically since it is more of an online storage but recently Google has added the Doc feature on this app making it a mix of both. Google Drive gives 5GB online storage and additional features of creating, editing, and viewing document, spreadsheet and presentation files online or offline after downloading it on your smartphone or tablet.

Best Office Apps for Android - Kingsoft office

Kingsoft Office: Now, we have one more app that also offers creating, editing, and viewing document, spreadsheet, and presentation files on your device and supports cloud storages. In this app, you have features like spell check, attach pictures and graphics, print, and save as PDF. This app supports 23 kind of files like DOCX, TXT, and XLSX etc.

Best Office Apps for Android - Polaris

Polaris: This app looks good and gives the best as well. Very much like Kingsoft, they support Microsoft’s files like Word, Excel, PowerPoint as well as Adobe PDF. You can create, edit, and view your files and it supports cloud storage as well. Overall, a good-looking app with good features that is free.

Best Office Apps for Android - Documents To Go

Document To Go 3: One of the best Office apps on Play offers similar features for free and full features at a certain price. Once again, most of the files from Microsoft like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint can be accessed and viewed. But the editing and creating of those files can be done after buying the app. You can edit Google Doc files as well as view PDFs after purchasing.

Best Office Apps for Android - OfficeSuite Pro

OfficeSuite Pro: Now, this one is not free from the start. OfficeSuite Pro 7 comes at a price and offers a lot of features though it is a bit costly. There are templates and cloud storage support including Microsoft SkyDrive. You can create, edit, and view file formats of Word, Spreadsheets and Presentation as well as PDF, ZIP and TXT. This app looks a lot better than the free ones, I accept, and functions quite well too.

About the Author

Article is written by Sunasra Manzur, writer at Waroze is product from Saffroze which also provides outsource android app development service.


10 Things You Need to Know about Nokia Lumia 520

Nokia delivered a lot of news at the Mobile World Congress that took place in Barcelona, Spain. Nokia made announcements about its plans to take its recent and future high tech innovations across more markets widening its consumer base, and with that consumer favouritism. Also in the news were Nokia’s plans to engage in new partnerships and ventures which would utilize the Company’s already perfected expertise in imaging, location and entertainment to make ultra fabulous applications.

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How To Choose a Best Free VPN Software

Hotspot Shield Best Free VPN SoftwareVPN or Virtual Private Network has become an important tool for online security in today’s internet era. With the increase independance on technology, internet threats pose a very serious risk. Each and every one of us should be concerned about our security and privacy on the World Wide Web. Understanding the need, numerous VPN providers have come to the rescue!  As a result, choosing a VPN from this large pool has become a daunting task.

VPN and its functions:

VPN is a form of WAN or Wide Area Network, which is developed to secure all types of communication channels  through private as well as public networks such as the internet.  A Virtual Private Network creates a tunnel between both the ends of the connection that secures the data transmitted over the network. Some of the important functions of a Virtual Private Network are:

  • Data Encryption: VPN is an advanced networking technology that encrypts all of the data sent by you by protocols such as PPTP VPN, L2TP VPN and SSH VPN.
  • Secure Browsing: With the help of VPN, one can browse the internet with maximum security. The tunnel created by a VPN encrypts the data you transfer.
  • Hidden IP Address: This is an important function of VPN. The user is provided with a new IP address that is assigned by Hotspot Shield server in the US. This allows the user to enjoy anonymous browsing.
  • Unblock Blocked Sites: VPN technology empowers you to access blocked websites from any part of the world. Since you are surfing the internet with a new IP address, you can easily open Geo-restricted websites while using a VPN even if you are a citizen of an internet-censored country.

Points that should be considered when choosing a VPN

When you have decided to protect yourself with a VPN, there are certain points that should take into consideration.

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Top 10 Useful iPhone Apps in India

The iPhone comes with quite a few useful pre-installed apps including Facebook, Safari and lot more. However, there are a number of must have apps that can be downloaded from the App Store. We have picked our top 10 from various categories which we highly recommend.

1. Whatsapp Messenger: This messenger is fast picking up as the number one choice as a messenger for its ease of use and connectivity. It is a paid app on the Apple devices for Rs. 55, right from the first time you subscribe. Your subscription is available when you change your device or phone number as long as you log in with the number with which the subscription was originally purchased.

2. Instagram: This is a popular photo sharing app that helps you click a picture, give it special effects and share them on social networks or email them. It also allows you to view what your friends are clicking and also the best Instagram pictures taken. Read More

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