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Password Managers and the Ever-Decreasing Need to Memorize Everything

password-manager-windows-topComputer security began even before the construction of the first modern computer system. Passwords and access codes have been used by militaries and governments all over the world for controlling who can get into what, where, and in some instance, even when. Time-lock safes existed before the ENIAC, and remote access passwords existed before the internet. However, never in history has one person been expected to remember as many passwords to so many different locations as people are today. It’s a burden we all have to bear. Or do we?

In the 1970s, 80s, and 90s, telephone numbers where the largest list of information any individual was expected to remember. They were the passwords to contacting your friends, family and businesses. Back then, we had to bear the burden of memorizing all those phone numbers. In the 2000s, something better came along. Contact lists and smartphones eliminated the need to memorize phone numbers and began remembering who your contacts were for you.

Password managers now perform the same function that contact lists perform for phone numbers. You no longer have to remember long strings of miscellaneous numbers, letter, characters and symbols. You can establish them once and let your password manager store and retrieve them as you access the site to which they belong.

Just like your contact list, your password manager is stored on a device that you have control over, be it your home computer, work computer, cell phone or a specialized access card: the hardware is under your control. Your hardware can even share information between multiple password managers. Need to access your personal e-mail at work? No problem. Just transfer that information from your home password manager to your work password manager and navigate to your personal e-mail account.

Security managers will tell you never to use the same password for more than one site, and with a password manager, you can finally heed that advice without having to carry a notebook full of passwords, much like the way you used to keep a rolodex on your desk. Choose one master password for your password manager and unique passwords for all the sites you visit. Your master password secures the password manager, and the password manager stores the passwords for each of the sites that you need to use.

With password managers available today, you can let go of the fear of forgetting the passwords to the hundreds of sites we all visit. These services provide an unprecedented level of security to the codes of value to you.

If you’re considering a password manager, check out They look at 94 different password-saving apps, comparing them and making recommendations for the best password manager for you.

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5 Scary Technological Advances

5 Scary Technological Advances – Modern Technological Advances which could be threatening if used in the wrong way

Technology is awesome. It can let people from across the world talk to each other. It can help assist in life-saving surgeries. It can help safely defuse bombs. However, technology isn’t always so friendly. In fact, it can be downright scary at times. Here are five technological advances that are definitely scary:


Electronic SurveillanceElectronic Surveillance

With the advent of drones, tracking chips in cars, and the rise in electronic payments, privacy is ever-shrinking. Now governments, businesses, and individuals can tell where someone is/has gone, what someone has bought, and even what is said in a “private” conversation. While counter-surveillance measures are always working to thwart these technologies, the threat of a world without privacy looms large.


Genetic Engineered VirusGenetically Engineered Viruses

While these lab-created variations on natural viruses have the potential to aid in fighting/curing diseases, there is a downside. The inherent instability involved in the testing and production of these microbes may do more harm than good. While fictional cases are the fodder for such stories as The Stand or The Masque of the Red Death, the potential for the creation of an accidental modern plague is frighteningly real.


cloud1The Cloud

Touted as virtually unlimited storage for data, clouds take potentially sensitive information and put it in the hands of others. While cloud storage companies claim to have top-notch security protocols in place, hackers always love a challenge. Companies like Google and Microsoft have incurred cloud breaches, but the worst is yet to come. Medium-sized businesses with in house storage are popular targets now, as they tend not to have the security measures of a cloud. As more businesses get hit, more will turn to the cloud and their perceived safety. Hackers will undoubtedly follow suit.


Laser Gun M6 SpartanLaser Weapons

Once strictly the stuff of Buck Rogers and Battlestar Galactica, laser weapons are a reality. Tests have shown them blowing up pickup truck engines and blasting drones. Laser-equipped fighter jets are projected to arrive in 2020. As with almost all technology, the size shrinks. Imagine a handgun that does not need reloading and never leaves behind a tell tale shell. The range of lasers is also worrisome. Even simple, non-lethal lasers can be seen for miles. With idiots taking these to sporting events to shine them in player’s eyes and others shining them in the eyes of airline pilots, it would be devastating if these lasers could kill.


Artificial Intelligence AIArtificial Intelligence

Scientists have been warning that artificial intelligence may not be the boon that proponents claim. With computers passing the “Turing Test”, a benchmark to decide whether a technology represents an intelligence indistinguishable from a human, the age of artificial intelligence has begun. Yes, many movies like The Terminator and The Matrix portray artificial intelligence as inherently evil, but it is simply too new to determine what it would mean for the world. Will it try to solve international disputes, or would it attempt to seize control of the global banking system? It is the danger of inventing something simply because it can be done without considering the consequences that makes scientists and non-scientists worried about AI.


Jessica Kane is a professional blogger who writes about technology and other gadgets and gizmos aplenty. She currently writes for Total Voice Tech, her go to for all professional Dragon products.


Facebook Updates in 2011

Facebook Updates in 2011

Facebook currently hosts more than 800 million active users.  Will they break 1 billion in 2012?  Who knows, but with Facebook claiming over 7 million apps and websites that integrate the social media site, it’s not an absurd goal to shoot for in the coming year.  There have been several updates this year including better privacy settings and a revamped newsfeed.  Personally I think it’s a little too in your face, even if it is meant to be helpful.  The constant pressure to update web-based everything is a good thing.  That is how innovations are made, by ignoring the old adage ‘if it’s not broke, don’t fix it,’ and striving to improve what already exists for the sake of being the best.  It is this kind of attitude that keeps great companies afloat.

Facebook has just launched an update to the Android app that will make is faster and easier to get photos and messages.  They’ve also revamped how easy it is to upload photos onto the website in general. These are not major overhauls happening here. It’s more of a fine tuning of existing technology that makes the social networking site run better and better based on user feedback.  Privacy and security will always be an issue when it comes to online personal content, but hopefully the powers that be at Facebook will continue to keep working on the best ways to protect your information.  Check out their tutorial on the new privacy setting to get a handle on them and keep an eye out for the changes to hit in the next year.  I think we’ll all be surprised to see what kind of upgrades will come out of social media technology in 2012, as it seems everyone is getting online.


Author’s Bio: Sean loves social media and taking advantage of the best deal using a Dell coupon when he’s not writing for the Blog Content Guild

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Legal woes between Apple and Samsung may impact iPhone 4S sales in Europe

Apple vs SamsungSamsung and Apple are embroiled in a bitter legal battle which could start to impact European sales of iPhone 4S contracts.

The row began earlier this year when Samsung was accused by Apple of copying elements of the iPhone in its Galaxy range of smartphones and tablets. The firm has attempted to block the release of the Galaxy Tab, Galaxy S2 and Galaxy Ace in different countries through the use of injunctions. In return, Samsung hit back. The Korean manufacturer’s latest attempt was in France where they had tried to get an injunction to stop the sale of the iPhone 4S. The court disagreed and said Samsung should pay 100,000 euros of Apple’s court costs. It is just the latest in a string of battles which have been fought in the US and Europe.

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Watch Latest Bollywood Blockbusters for Free Online Every Month on YouTube BoxOffice

watch latest bollywood blockbusters online on youtube-boxoffice

To combat the rapidly incresing Online Movies Piracy Racket, YouTube along with Intel as a leading sponsor has introduced a new Channel called “Box Office” where you’ll be able to watch a latest Bollywood Blockbuster every month for free online.

The Box Office  movie channel is now live at

The exclusive channel will feature a premium block buster movie every month, although the channel will be embedded with ads. The new channel will be available to all users in India and will be IP blocked for users in other countries.

These films can be watched in full HD (1080p) and are made free because each film is inserted with a 15-second ads at every 10 minutes interval. The ads cannot be skipped. Thus, a 2-hour long movie (Indian films are often longer) can easily have 10-12 ad breaks and you cannot skip, pause or hide these ads. Good for advertisers and the viewers won’t necessarily mind these short ads.

The YouTube Box Office channel will also feature other popular movies which users can watch for free from the YouTube catalogue of movies. This includes over 1500 titles including regional language films.

Intel is the lead sponsor for new the channel. Kick-starting the initiative is the latest hit ‘Band Baaja Baaraat’, starring actors Ranveer Singh and Anushka Sharma. The new Google India initiative will also rein in piracy, as many new movies are already uploaded everyday on the YouTube platform, without check.

Sandeep Aurora, Director-Marketing, Intel South Asia said, “Intel is extending the “Smart visuals, brilliant performance” positioning of its latest 2nd generation Core processors with this association. The YouTube Box Office channel provides the consumers an opportunity to view premium, high quality movies on their PCs. Consumers can also enjoy these movies on their big screen HDTV with Intel® Wireless Display (WiDi) feature on the 2nd Generation Intel Core Processor based PCs and bring YouTube to life in HD format on their TVs.”

So Now If You are based in India, YouTube Box Office provides Indian viewers an opportunity to watch the new and popular Bollywood movies in full HD (1080p) from anywhere without the need for a credit card,  these movies never expire and all you need is a decent Internet connection and a browser with a Flash player

Click here to Enjoy The First Release on YouTube Box Office Band Baaja Baaraat in Full HD 1080p Quality Online on YouTube Box Office