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10 iPhone Apps to Help You Stay Healthy in the Kitchen

Unless you have a television, a computer, and a full library set up in your kitchen, it can be difficult to access all the recipes, healthy cooking tips, and nutrition information that you need to make tasty and nutritious meals for you and your family. With the rise in popularity of smart phones, accessing this information has become much easier. Not only can you look up articles and videos directly from your phone, but you can also choose from thousands of apps to install on your phone for everything from fresh ideas to cooking lists to nutritional information. Here is our list of 10 great apps that will help you stay healthy in the kitchen by offering up healthy recipes, useful tools, or fat and calorie information:


Simply Organic




Find hundreds of recipes with healthy, organic ingredients with this free app. You can also find stores that carry the ingredients listed, and get access to coupons for those products. Create an easy shopping list by tapping on ingredients in the recipes. Recipes promote the Simply Organic line of products.


Don’t Eat That


Dont Eat That App


Learning how to eat healthy isn’t just about recognizing beneficial ingredients. Sometimes you have to learn how to spot what not to eat, as well. This app, which costs $1.99, can let you know if ingredients are carcinogenic, are banned in other countries, are bad for children or pregnant women, are genetically modified, or are known to cause allergies. You don’t have to be connected to the Internet to access the list.

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Find The Fastest Growing Business Pages on Google+ using Zoomsphere

Find The Fastest Growing Business Pages on Google+ using ZoomsphereGoogle+ has still not yet reached the level of Facebook in terms of Social Networking Users, but it has rapidly added new features eg Google Hangouts which definately make Google+ a must for every user especially a Business owner who is seeking to reach the Google+ traffic for marketing his venture through the use of Google+ Business Pages.

I came across a new online utility called Zoomsphere which lets you view  the total number of fans across various social networks including Google+.

Top Google+ Business Pages
When looking at the details page for each of these Google+ Business Pages, you will access  all kinds of other information as well like Top Commented, which is the top commented activity; Top Plussed, which is the comment or entry with the most plusses; and recent activity, which is the most recent activity on the page.

Do give Zoomsphere a try and find out the Fastest Growing Top Google+ Business Pages Now!


How To Disable and Remove Chat From Gmail

If you prefer using Google Talk (GTalk) to chat online with your friends and only use Gmail to check emails and not for chatting. This tips will prove useful to you – This Tech Tip will help you to completely remove (and not just hide) the chat box from your Gmail mailbox.

Log on to your  Gmail Settings page, switch to the Chat tab, choose “Chat Off” and click on the “Save Changes” button. Alternatively, you may use this link to directly access your Gmail Chat settings page. You can re-enable chat in your Gmail by using the “Chat On” option.

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3 Computer Security Tips to Stay Safe Online

3 Computer Security Tips to Stay Safe OnlineAlthough Internet is growing really fast this century with a whole lot of things to do; some use it for business, some for dating, some for advertise etc. so also the dangers that are associated with the internet grows. If you don’t really know how to handle this entire problem, you might end up been a victim of internet and its problem as the sayings goes, “everything has its own problem”. Experience they say is the best teacher but most you fall a victim of something bad before you learn how to avoid that situation and how can you avoid something you do not know anything about. That why amgoing to share with you my awful experience as an internet user and this will surely help you stay safe and not be affected the same I was.

Mind the Site You Visit

My first time on the internet was an experience that I will never forget because it so much caused me a lot of trauma. Then like I said I was a novice and so I just open any website that Google and other search engine directs me to not knowing that am hurting both my system and myself.
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