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How To Call back Recall or “Undo” a Send Message in Gmail

Sometimes we compose an email out of sheer frustration or anger and we are quick to hit the “Send” button only to realize that we shouldn’t had sent the email in the first place or we just forgot to include the all important attachment and how we wish if there was a Recall option in our web mail account so that we could quickly recall the email back!

Worry Not readers as the World’d popular web mail service – Gmail has a nice hidden feature by which you can easily Call back Recall or “Undo” a Sent Message in Gmail.

Go to Gmail Labs

Since the Undo Send feature is part of Gmail Labs, you’ll have to navigate to the Gmail Labs page to activate it. Load up Gmail and look in the top-right corner of the page. Between your e-mail address and Settings you’ll see the green Labs icon. Give it a click.

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How To Download Protected Images and Photos From Flickr Using Firefox

A Popular Query in the Internet World is “How To Download Protected Images and Photos from Flickr”

Normally, you can save pictures from Flickr (or any website) by right clicking the photograph and saying “Save Image As..” but in the case of protected Flickr images, all you will see on the desktop is a blank 1×1 pixel placeholder image called spaceball.gif

flickr spaceball

When a Flickr member has set download permissions to disallow his/her photos from being downloaded, a transparent image is overlaid on the actual photo so the right-click method fails.

So What is a Good & Working Method by which you can easily download Protected Images and Photos from Flickr?

You may either use the good-old Print Screen to copy the image & paste it in Microsoft Paint or any Image editing program or any of the methods below to defeat the Flickr image protection. Read More


How To Use Quora To Find and Share Information

According to Wikipedia

Quora is an online knowledge market, founded in June 2009, launched in private beta in December 2009, and made available to the public on June 21, 2010. Quora aggregates questions and answers to many topics and allows users to collaborate on them. Quora was co-founded by Adam D’Angelo (Facebook‘s former CTO) and Charlie Cheever. In March, 2010 Quora received funding from Benchmark Capital, valuing the start-up at a rumored $86 million.

In essence, Quora is an online information market. People post questions, people give as well as receive answers. It’s a social network focusing on knowledge sharing. There’s a lot to this place and we’ll be talking all about it today.

Quora has been around for a while now. Since it’s inception in 2009 and public release around 6 months ago, much has been said about the power of Quora.

It’s also been used a lot, especially by a quite a few important people in the tech world and also various other fields, coming out and answering questions about themselves and their companies, professions, area of expertise and so on.

Professional bloggers are even using Quora to find information as well as leads. For instance, a recent article on Flickr was covered on TechCrunch this weekend with information sourced from Quora. Read that article here.

Why Quora

What sets Quora apart from other Social network and Q & A sites? There’s three reasons I can think of just off the top of my head.

1. You not only get to see and “Like” the profiles of experts in a field of your interest, you get to see them in action, providing their insights, opinions and advice. You don’t have to visit their personal blogs to hear what they’ve got to say!

2. You don’t have to follow people if you don’t want to. Find a topic of your choice? Simply follow that. Or better yet, you can follow even just an individual question and see where it goes. And also receive real time updates. This is fantastic to keep clutter levels really low.

3. Questions are not normally answered anonymously. Most people are logged in with their profile information, so the credibility of each answer posted is automatically ascertained.

Heard a lot about Quora but haven’t gotten around to trying it out yet? Well, read on and we’ll get you all set to go! Read More


How to Check if your friend is Actually Invisible or Blocked you on Yahoo Messenger, AIM Messenger, GTalk or MSN Messenger

yahoo_messenger_logoYour messenger shows your friend to be offline and you think he actually may not be ? You think he might be staying invisible to you or might have blocked you ? Wish you could check out if he is actually online ? Read on….

For Yahoo Messenger :

There are  two ways in which you can check whether your friend who seems to be offline is actually online ( and is invisible ) or he is actually offline

The first is a simple way to check.

  1. Open a chat box for a private chat with your friend in yahoo messenger.
  2. Load the IMvironment “doodle” on your private chat box.
  3. It will say ‘waiting for your buddy to load the doodle’.
  4. If it loads up successfully , it means that your friend is actually online but is specifically appearing invisible to you.
  5. If for more than 30 seconds it keeps on displaying the waiting message , it  means your friend is indeed offline at that moment of time.

The second way to check on Yahoo messenger is : Read More