Convert YouTube Videos into High Quality Mp3 Online Using Dirpy, ListenToYouTube and FLVtoMp3


We can stumble upon a classic old song or a rare clip on YouTube which  we always wanted to keep with us so that we could listen to it whenever we desired in audio format. Till now we taught you on How you can download YouTube Videos, Watch Bollywood Movies Free Online on YouTube plus even how you can Download HD Videos From YouTube in HD Format. And Now Techie WhizKid shows you how you can convert and download a YouTube video as a high quality using the website Dirpy.


Simply enter the Url of the youtube video, for which you want to convert it to mp3, and click on !


Dirpy has a Transcoder, using which one can set the start and end time, to get audio of a particular interval. You can also Edit ID3 Tag Data before downloading the Mp3 file. It also has Video options to download and save Youtube videos in .flv and .mp4 formats.


  • Turn YouTube videos into mp3 files.
  • Convert as many videos as you like.
  • Browser bookmarklet provided.
  • Determine the start and the end point of an audio file.
  • Options to specify parameters like the filename, title, artist, etc.
  • Incorporated YouTube  Search.
  • Edit ID3 tag data.
  • Download videos.
  • Free and no sign up.

Click Here To Visit and Convert Your Favourite YouTube Videos into High Quality Mp3 Audio

Alternatively you can also convert YouTube Videos into Mp3 Online using another Online service called as ListenToYouTube


Log on to ListenToYouTube and enter the YouTube URL for which you want to convert to mp3 & click on Go, will then convert the YouTube Video to Mp3 & it will create a link for you from where you can download the Mp3 file of your favourite YouTube Video.


FLVtoMP3 is also a good website to convert YouTube videos into Mp3,  Copy the YouTube Video Link & log on to & paste the link there, it will automatically create an MP3 file from the YouTube Video.

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