How To Download Save and Embed Facebook Videos

Lot many times we find some excellent videos on our Facebook wall and sometimes think to embed them on website or even save the video by downloading them. As there is no such download button available on Facebook to save the file on computer but there are few places or scripts to perform the task for you. Here I will share some links where you can go ahead and paste the URL and download the same or you can use below mentioned Firefox browser’s add-on to download, save and even embed the videos outside Facebook. For example, you can on your blog or website as well.

How To Download Save and embed Videos from Facebook
How To Download Save and embed Videos from Facebook

Wait for the video to completely buffer or watch the video till the end & click on Go To Video & copy the video link


Sites to

1. Downfacebook – Go ahead and use this page to download facebook videos. You just need to provide the URL of the video files on Facebook. You can get that by hitting the “Go to video” link on any Facebook videos shared on your wall or anywhere.

Second Option:

When viewing a video on Facebook, simply add the word “down” just before “” in the link in the address field of your browser. For example if you’re watching this video:

Just add the word “down” to look like this:

Now just load that link into your browser (enter or click Go) and follow the instructions to download the video from Facebook.

2. FacebookvideodownThis is a similar service where you need to paste the facebook video URL. The interface of this site is similar to Twitter’s page. website to download facebook videos website to download facebook videos

Firefox Add-on to download Videos

To install Firefox add-on, go to “Tools ==> Add-on” section on Firefox and search for these add-ons. From there, you can install the add-ons much quickly.

1. Facebook Videos – This is a Mozilla Firefox add-on to enable to download Facebook videos in no time. It also helps you to generate embed code for the same video so that you can embed the Facebook videos on your blog or website.

2. Boost for Facebook – Another add-on for firefox to enhance the look and feel of Facebook and then also allow you to download Facebook videos.

Greasemonkey Scripts to download Facebook Videos

Userscripts or Greasemonky can also be used to download facebook videos. There are plenty of userscripts to perform the same task. First of all, you need to install Greasemonkey add-on on Firefox browser.

1. GreasemonkeyDownload and Install Greasemonkey add-on from here.

2. Facebook Video – Here is a userscript available on this page from where you can download and install the script on your Firefox browser. Yes, it is easier to directly install the add-ons listed above.

3. FFixerAnother userscript to download Facebook videos and also let you do other stuff related to Facebook.

Chrome Extension to download videos and Enhance Facebook

1. FFixer for Chrome– This is a Chrome extension for the same Firefox add-on Facebook Fixer or FFixer. On Google Chrome, you can install this extension and start downloading Facebook videos without much problem.

I hope this list of sources to download facebook videos will help you in doing so. If you are using any other plugins or add-on or website to perform this task, then please share that with us as well.

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