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We regularly watch streaming content on the internet, mainly on YouTube, but many of us also tune into other websites to watch , & even to listen to , Now if these , TV series or were hosted on YouTube then there was an easy method to download from YouTube as described earlier in one of the posts here on Techie WhizKid. But what if they were hosted on other websites? for eg – DailyMotion, megavideo or viddler,  Is there any way through which we could download Streaming Video and Audio From Any Website?

Presenting – A  software that can download both streaming video and audio/music regardless of the site they are on.

Steps To Use Live Downloader To Download Streaming Video and Audio From Any Website

Download Live Downloader by Clicking Here

After installing Live Downloader, it will start automatically in the background, You’ll need to open any streaming media website which broadcasts your favourite movie or tv show clip or music (eg – YouTube,dailymotion, megavideo, viddler etc). Live Downloader will detect a streaming content online. You can then download it to any location of your choice.


By default dozen of formats are selected and you will be notified almost on every website. You can control when to be notified by unchecking the formats from the Supported Formats tab.


Once the video or audio is selected for download, Live Downloader will automatically start downloading it with max download speed as possible as like any Download Manager


There is no build-in option to download HD video, the only way is to enable HD when playing a YouTube video or any other video and then download it(upon detection) using Live Downloader.

Watch the video below to learn how Live Downloader Works


Download Live Downloader by Clicking Here

Hope This helps you to download all your favourite video and audio clips from any website.

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