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How To Enable The New Facebook Profile Feature Now

How To Enable The New Facebook Profile Feature Now

just unveiled a new profile today and apparently Chief Executive Officer Mark Zuckerberg’s appearance on CBS “60 Minutes” tonight was going to be the formal announcement.

The social network posted on its own blog about the new profiles early this afternoon, giving the media plenty of time to test drive the new features before “60 Minutes” airs.

facebook new profile page

So it makes sense that first things you’ll notice on the new profile pages involve major layout changes. Your vital stats — birthday, employer, current city, and the all-important relationship status — are now featured at the top of the page. A photo stream appears just below it, showcasing a handful of the photographs you’ve most recently been tagged in (you can choose to ‘hide’ a photo that you don’t want to have in your stream, so there’s some flexibility with what shows up here).

To unlock the new Facebook profile, complete the following steps:

how to enable new facebook profile
how to

Voila! You now have the new profile design.

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