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Find the Best Mobile Price in India with MySmartPrice

Find the Best Mobile Price in India with MySmartPrice

Find the best mobile price in India with MysmartpriceThe handset market in India continues to be one of the fastest growing segments. Unfortunately buying a good phone in India is not an easy task as prices of mobile phones fall by as much as 20-30% in a month and at any point of time the price of a particular model varies widely from each other and from the MRP present on the package. Most of us use Google to get idea about the real market price but the resultant websites tend to have outdated information in my experience.

Few days back I had written a post about how to find and compare prices of books across online book stores in India. I was really happy to see that, one of the websites mentioned in that post, has now extended their search functionality to search for mobile phone prices as well. Having a reference of prices across several online stores will help me to bargain better even if I decide to buy the mobile in some offline store as well.

I wanted to check their service by searching for Micromax Q7 price in India because most people tend to neglect mobiles from Indian mobile manufacturer. The guys at have made use of a Google Auto Suggest like feature to help search any particular model. As you can see from the screen shot below I was able to reach micromax Q7 after entering only 2 letters in the suggestion box!!!

Simply selecting Micromax Q7 from the drop down took me to the result page. It was really and incredibly fast. The result page had price of micromax Q7 from seven online stores in India along with the shipping information for the same. The page provides information 10 other mobiles available in the same price range as well. I would have liked to some additional information about these mobiles here.


The price lists provided by the site is another useful feature. I checked their videocon mobile price list page. The page performs its function of providing the best price of all the models really well. I would have liked it a lot more if they had provided the real images of the models instead of providing one stock image for all of them.

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