Find Your Facebook Friends Locations on Google Maps

Find Your Facebook Friends Location Easily on Google Maps

If you are a fan of geography or want to find out your friends locations easily on the world map then head to WhereMyFriends. It is an interesting  web based mashup site that shows the geographic location of your Facebook friends on a Google Map. To create a map you simply  need to connect your Facebook account and in a matter of seconds you will be presented with a Google Map denoting the geographical distribution of your social network.

Friends Density (Facebook App)

Friends Density (Facebook App) is another nice way to visualise the geographical distribution of your Facebook friends, this time in the form of a heatmap. Once you sign up to the app in Facebook you can view your friends on a Google Map. You can even read your friends’ latest status updates directly from the map.

You can also use Nearby Friends – another great facebook app that display your friends’ recent Facebook Places check-ins on a Google Map.

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