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How To Change Default Download Path in Firefox and Chrome

How To Change Default Download Path in Firefox and Chrome

A number of users download a lot using their web browsers but they often forget where the browser might had stored the downloaded file and if they have cleared the download box and if they dont remember the exact file name of the downloaded file than it can take them a long time to retrieve the file which they just downloaded using their web browser.

Today, Techie WhizKid shares with you a simple tip by which you can easily change the default download location path in and Google Web Browsers and you can select your own folder or any path (eg – Desktop) as the default download location for all files in & Chrome.

Select a download folder for Firefox 3.6+

Firefox uses a folder in My Documents in Windows XP or the %USERPROFILE%\Downloads folder in Windows Vista/7 as a default. Changing the download destination is easy:

  1. Go to the “Tools” menu
  2. Select “Options”
  3. Click the “General” tab
  4. In the section labeled “Downloads”, choose your location from the “Browse” function (see the figure below)
  5. Click  “OK” and “OK’ again

Change download location in Firefox

Select a download folder for Google Chrome 8

Chrome also has an easy way to configure the setting for the download location.

  1. Click the “Tools” icon (the wrench)
  2. Select “Options”
  3. Click the tab “Under the Hood”
  4. Scroll down to the “Downloads” section (see the figure below)
  5. Use the “Browse” function  to select your folder
  6. Click “OK”
  7. Click “Close”

Changing the download folder in Chrome

That’s It!  Now you’ve have learnt how to easily change the default download path in Firefox and Google Chrome, Now you can easily download and save your files on the Desktop or any other folder of your choice.

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