How To Check If Your ISP is Blocking The Download Speed of Your Internet Connection

Hate It or Admit It, We often download a lot of data from the Internet and that includes Movies and Music. and let’ s say that you have a good High Speed Internet Connection and when you are downloading from popular websites or file sharing sites like Rapidshare, Megaupload, HotFile, The download speed is great as the downloading is done via the HTTP Protocol method, But Alas! when you open YouTube to watch your favourite Music Video or you are trying to download a movie or software from Torrents your high speed Internet Connection no longer remains high speed and the connection slows down a great deal.

For eg – if your regular download speed is 100 kB/s, YouTube videos could be streaming at a speed of 30 kB/s due to rate limiting by the ISP.

Is your ISP is limiting your download speeds?

Here is a Tech Trick which will help you in checking If Your ISP is Blocking The Download Speed of Your Internet Connection

You can run the Glasnost test in your browser to determine whether or not your ISP is following any such tactic to manipulate your download speeds for specific sites.

test isp speed with glasnost testGlasnost service allows you to select protocols or applications for speed limitations like bittorrent, pop, http, youtube etc. To test you have to select the protocol first then begin the test. Before starting the test you must stop other downloads to let the test being conducted successfully.

Glasnost Test to See if ISP is blocking Internet Connection Speed

The uses a Java applet to compare your regular download speed of your Internet Connection against the speed at which Flash videos get streamed to your system. Other than videos, it can also compare the download speed for email attachments (via POP and IMAP), normal HTTP based file transfers, torrents speed and binary downloads from Usenet servers.

You should consider running these tests at different times of the day since some ISPs may be limiting speeds only during peak hours. Also, do remember to stop any other downloads that might be running in the background for more accurate results.

Click Here to try the Glasnost Test Now and find out if your ISP is indeed blocking the download speed of your Internet Connection or Not.

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