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How To Disable Google Instant Permanently Forever

Instant is a new real-time search experience which provides results even before you can type and also allows you to quickly view results for autocomplete suggestions. Instant not only provides you with Instant search results, it also provides you with instant autocomplete suggestions to enhance your search experience

disable google instant permanently

However, if you for any reason don’t like Google Instant displaying search results as you type and want to Off Permanently then here is a simple solution by which you’ll be able to Permanently Forever.

1. Just log on to Google Preferences Settings Page at

2. Scroll down the page until you see Google Instant Settings, just select the option  Do not use Google Instant’ and click on “Save Preferences” button to save the setting and Voila!

disable Google Instant permanently foreverYou Have Disabled Google Instant Permanently Forever, To Enable Google Instant, just login to the same Preferences Page and click on “Use Google Instant” to enable Google Instant again.

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3 Responses to How To Disable Google Instant Permanently Forever

  1. Yoseppi says:

    This method does not work, as Google seems to want to torture us, by giving us this option, but not really having do anything.

    Even with this method selected and saved in preferences, Google instant is still here.

  2. Grapost says:

    The advice above DOES NOT turn off Google Instant PERMANANTLY! It only turns if off for that session.

    If you log back on to Google later, you will find tht Instant is BACK ON and you will have to go to PREFERENCES again to turn it off.

    So far no one have come up with a way to PERMANANTLY turn it off without affecting other features of our browser.

  3. Grogan says:

    This guy is probably employed by Google. This is not a valid solution to the Google problem.

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