How To Download Protected Images and Photos From Flickr Using Firefox

A Popular Query in the Internet World is “How To Download Protected Images and Photos from

Normally, you can save pictures from Flickr (or any website) by right clicking the photograph and saying “Save Image As..” but in the case of protected Flickr images, all you will see on the desktop is a blank 1×1 pixel placeholder image called spaceball.gif

flickr spaceball

When a Flickr member has set download permissions to disallow his/her photos from being downloaded, a transparent image is overlaid on the actual photo so the right-click method fails.

So What is a Good & Working Method by which you can easily download Protected Images and Photos from Flickr?

You may either use the good-old Print Screen to copy the image & paste it in Microsoft Paint or any Image editing program or any of the methods below to defeat the Flickr image protection.

For Firefox: Goto Tools -> Page Info -> Media – Scroll down until you see that Flickr image in the Media Preview Window. Click the Save As button.

An Easy Tutorial on How to Use Firefox to download Protected Images from

1. Open the desired Flickr Image in Firefox

Download Photo Images From Flickr Protected By Spaceball.gif

Step A – Right click anywhere on the white space of the webpage,  and click on‘View Page Info’

Download Photo Images From Flickr Protected By Spaceball.gif

Step B – A window will pop-up, click on the tab ‘Media’, & then slowly browse through the ‘list of media’, when you managed to find the right photo or image as shown in the media preview box, select the ‘Save as’ button to save the flickr image to your computer.

There you Go!! You’ve just learnt how to download photos and images from Flickr easily using Firefox.

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