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How to Fix and Solve Cursor on Top of Page Problem in MS Word

If you encounter this strange problem in MS Word (any version) that whenever you open a MS Word Document and you spot the cursor getting stuck on the very top of the page as shown in the image below – You will have to hit the Enter Key twice to make the cursor’s position back to Normal

Fix Cursor on Top of Page in MS Word

Techie WhizKid gives you a simple fix by which you can restore the cursor’s position back to normal in MS Word and you will not have to hit the Enter Key everytime to restore the cursor position

In Word 2002 or 2003, click on Tools | Options | View tab | check the
“White space between pages” box | OK.

In Word 2007, click on Office button | Word Options | Display | check
the “Show white space between pages in Print Layout view” box | OK.

The above simple fix should solve the Cursor on Top of Page error in MS Word.

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3 Responses to How to Fix and Solve Cursor on Top of Page Problem in MS Word

  1. Blair Clark says:

    Woo hoo! Your tip for the 2007 version worked and has saved me continued frustration! Bless you, Techie Whizkid, bless you.

  2. Michaela Andrea says:

    For MS Word 2013:

    File > Options (at the bottom) > Display > Click show white pages between….

  3. Barbara Behan says:

    Thank you so much! I use Word every day, and this problem happens to me once or twice a year. Drives me crazy…but your tip worked in a flash. Yay!!

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