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How to Recover MS Word Document in case you have not saved the Document and MS Word crashes or shuts down unexpectedly

How To Recover Document If MS Word Crashes or Shuts Down

Imagine you are writing a very important document and you have not saved it yet, and then suddenly crashes or shuts down unexpectedly…You would be distraught at the very thought of seeing your hard work of typing a long document suddenly vanishing courtesy of crashing or shutting down.

Fear Not Now as Techie Whizkid will show you How to Recover your document if MS Word crashes or shuts down

It’s a simple solution on Recovering documents in MS Word –

1 – Go to My PC and then search for the file extension “.asd” in the File explorer and you will be able to find the very same document you were working on when MS Word crashed.

2 – Open that .asd document again in MS Word and resume from where you had stopped earlier.

I hope this tip will help you to recover your document in case MS Word crashes the next time around.

Feel free to leave your comment below to let me know if this tech tip helped you or not.

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