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Convert YouTube Videos To RingTones Easily Using Tube2Tone and MadCreator

YouTube boosts of a huge collection of online videos, Often we come across videos on YouTube which have fantastic music which we desire to use as a ringtone for our mobile phones. Though there are several Sound Editing Softwares available which can edit the YouTube Video & convert as a ringtone. There is an excellent website known as Tube2Tone which makes Creating Ringtones From YouTube Videos into One Easy One Click Online Solution .

Easily Convert YouTube Videos To RingTones Easily Using Tube2Tone


Go to and enter the YouTube Video URL from which you want to create a Ringtone & click on Search, Read More


Download Streaming Video and Audio From Any Website Using LiveDownloader

We regularly watch streaming content on the internet, mainly on YouTube, but many of us also tune into other websites to watch online movies, Online TV series & even to listen to live music online, Now if these online movies, TV series or Videos were hosted on YouTube then there was an easy method to download videos from YouTube as described earlier in one of the posts here on Techie WhizKid. But what if they were hosted on other websites? for eg – DailyMotion, megavideo or viddler,  Is there any way through which we could download Streaming Video and Audio From Any Website?

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