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How To Recover Deleted Contacts in GMail

Recover Contacts in GMailIf you accidentally deleted a contact or a list of contacts, don’t worry Gmail now lets you restore Contacts list to  previous state within the the past 30 days.  As Gmail allows the Undo Option for a Sent email message similarly Gmail now giving second chance to recover your deleted contacts in Gmail too.

To Recover Deleted Contacts in GMail, Follow The Steps mentioned below –

  • To do this, Login to Gmail and  simply click “Contacts” on your GMail interface.
  • easily recover contacts in gmailUnder “More Actions” you will find “Restore Contacts

gmail recover deleted contactsClick that, and a window pops open;

  • select  “Restore Contacts” and choose the time to restore to.

How To Recover Lost Contacts in Gmail

    Gmail restores your contacts to same state they were at your chosen time, any contacts added or not existed at that time will be deleted but you can always undo this restoration. Your contacts will be restored to exactly the same state they were in at that time — any contacts that didn’t exist then will be deleted and any that have since been added will be deleted. Don’t worry, you can always undo this change by restoring again if you didn’t get the time right.

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    Access Facebook, Twitter, Windows Live Messenger Gmail on One Single Website – LiveGo

    Access Facebook, Twitter, Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo Messenger on a Single Site - LiveGoSometimes we open different tabs or browser windows to open our Social Networking accounts and our email accounts separately, as a result our browser gets too cluttered and if have to switch Windows or Tabs everytime we want to check email or log on to Facebook or Twitter

    LiveGO is an all-in-one solution enabling Internet users to stay connected to their social networks as Facebook and Twitter accounts, InstantMessengers as MSN Messenger, Yahoo and Gtalk, and email accounts as Hotmail, Gmail and Yahoo! all from within One single site – LiveGO.

    LiveGO provides an all-in-one place for one’s social needs and aims to empower its user base with advanced social tools which will organize and simplify their online activities.

    LiveGo Dashboard

    Try LiveGO and access your Facebook, Twitter, GMail, Gtalk, Windows Live Messenger Accounts from One Single Website – An Awesome to save Browsing Time.

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    How To Recover Deleted Contacts in Windows Live Messenger 2011

    If you are a Hotmail, Windows Live Mail or a Windows Live Messenger User and have happened to accidently delete some Contacts in error then this small tutorial will help you in recovering all the deleted Contacts in your Windows Live account.

    1. Sign out of your account (if you are still online).

    2. Go to and log in your account.

    3. Click on Messenger->Contacts (you don’t need to sign in to Messenger).

    4. Go to Manage->Restore deleted contacts.

    5. Choose the contacts you want to restore and click Restore.  You can also restore all contacts by clicking on Restore all. Please note that you can’t restore contacts deleted more than 30 days ago.

    6. After contacts have been restored, click on Add as friend.

    7. Choose Invite in the pop up window. After that, contacts will be restored. Your friends will not receive any invitation because your ID is still in their list.

    8. Sign in back to WLM. (It may take some minutes for deleted contacts to appear in your list)

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    How To Enable Always Display Images Setting in Gmail

    Whenever we receive an email from our friend or relative or a trusted sender in Gmail, we often come across this message saying “Images are not displayed” and then we have to manually select “Display Images Below” or “Always Display Images from (sender’s email id)”

    Images are not displayed - gmail

    This can turn into an annoying repetitive action that we need to perform each time when we check our email in our Gmail Account.

    Gmail lets you view external images and content in the body message thanks to a couple of interesting options: Always Display Images from and Always Display External Content (such as images) Sent by Trusted Senders.

    Let’s see how to turn these two useful options on and what to do when Gmail doesn’t seem willing to display external images, pictures and content despite the options above have been enabled.

    How to Enable Set Always Display Images Option in Gmail Permanently

    1. Login your Gmail account.
    2. On the right side of the Gmail interface, click the Settings link.
    3. Under the General tab (which should be available by default as soon as you click Settings) go to the External Content section and click the Always display external content (such as images) sent by trusted senders radio button.

    Now you should be able images, pictures and external content. However, in some cases turning on the above options seems not to work. Let’s see how to solve this issue:

    1. First of all let me tell you that the issue is not due to Gmail itself but to your browser. In fact, the external content issue seems to be caused by Internet Explorer. If you have Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera browser or Safari you should be able to see external content without issues.
    2. If you have Internet Explorer and want to fix the issue, click Tools from the Menu bar and from the menu click Internet Options which should be the last link in the menu.
    3. Now, Click the Security tab and Custom Level button.
    4. Under the Settings list go to the Miscellaneous section – Display Mixed Content and click the Enable radio button.
    5. Confirm your choice if asked and press OK.
    6. Now Log out your Gmail, turn off Internet Explorer, clear its Internet cache and try to log in your Gmail again.
    7. Done!

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    Discover New or Old Friends on Facebook Using Facebook Friend Browser

    Facebook has more than 500 Million Users and on an average, Each Individual User has more than 130 friends on facebook, And Now with the introduction of the New Facebook Friend Browser It is helping people connect with Facebook users they already know in real life but didn’t add them earlier on Facebook.

    Discover New Or Old Friends on Facebook Using Facebook Friend Browser

    In it, users can select to view friend suggestions of people who share their same location, work, education provider, or who are friends with a specific friend of theirs. The Find Friends Browser makes it easy to find people you know, but haven’t necessarily contacted before through email, instant messenger, or another service from which Facebook imports contacts. Users could previously find which friends shared some of these attributes with them through filters on the search interface, or by going to the mutual friends section of another user’s profile, clicking see all, and selecting the “Browse” tab. However, the “Friends of…” and home town options are not available elsewhere, and the Find Friends Browser is specifically designed for adding new friends.

    The New Facebook Friend Browser is an effective Tool helping new users find their real world friends  which is very crucial to them graduating from a nearly empty news feed to being socially tied to Facebook for the long term.

    By default the browser shows those individuals who you are most likely to know, most often ranked by mutual friends as well as other factors that aren’t clear. The most significant aspect of this new page is how fast it loads. You simply load it up and can just scroll through indefinitely, browsing through people who you are most likely to know. It’s a pretty slick tool and it’s one that I’m sure many users will find to be useful.

    Click Here To Access The Facebook Friend Browser and start finding some old and other new friends with whom you had lost contact.

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