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Uninstall and Remove Adobe Flash Player Using Adobe Flash Uninstaller Utility

Adobe Flash Player is a very essential utility for every PC as it helps us to view animation, videos, graphics, play flash games and much more. However Adobe Flash player is also a major culprit as it results is a majority of Browser Crashes.

Many Times when we log on to YouTube or go to any Online Games Website which is heavily loaded with Flash content and if the Flash Player which is installed on our PC is a older version, it can result in the browser getting stuck or hanged (frozen) completely or even worse, the buggy flash player can result in a total browser crash.

A simple solution can be Upgrading to the latest Adobe Flash Player or as a last resort – Uninstalling the Flash Player completely from our PC to install a Newer Version of Adobe Flash Player.

But That’s when the problem begins – How do we Uninstall Adobe Flash Player ? especially when it does not exist in the Add or Remove Programs List in the Control Panel.

Now Adobe has come over with this problem with the utility named Adobe Flash Player Uninstall.Through this utility its now easy to uninstall the application with only a few steps. Read More


Top Websites to Convert YouTube Videos into Mp3 For Free Online

youtube-to-mp3How to convert YouTube Videos to Mp3? This is a very popular technology  related question that i hear a lot from my friends and a lot of people, one of the popular reasons why people want to convert YouTube Videos into MP3 is the absence of a favourite song online in MP3 format leads a lot of people online to YouTube where they listen to the song in the form of a video but alas! they cannot download the song so that they can listen to if offline as an MP3 file while they are travelling or driving or have a desire to listen to a long lost melody.

Here are some free website which can enable us to convert YouTube Videos into MP3 for free online


This site provides mp3 conversion from youtube and also asks its visitors to donate through PayPal , although that is optional. Although it did take more time to provide search results to a particular video or a search term. Read More


How To Enable The New Facebook Profile Feature Now

Facebook just unveiled a new profile today and apparently Chief Executive Officer Mark Zuckerberg’s appearance on CBS “60 Minutes” tonight was going to be the formal announcement.

The social network posted on its own blog about the new profiles early this afternoon, giving the media plenty of time to test drive the new features before “60 Minutes” airs.

facebook new profile page

So it makes sense that first things you’ll notice on the new profile pages involve major layout changes. Your vital stats — birthday, employer, current city, and the all-important relationship status — are now featured at the top of the page. A photo stream appears just below it, showcasing a handful of the photographs you’ve most recently been tagged in (you can choose to ‘hide’ a photo that you don’t want to have in your stream, so there’s some flexibility with what shows up here).

To unlock the new Facebook profile, complete the following steps:

how to enable new facebook profile

how to enable new facebook profile

Voila! You now have the new profile design.

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Recover MicroSD Memory Card Passwords From Cell Phones

MicroSD-CardsNowadays we use cell phones which have an option of inserting a MicroSD Memory Card on which we can store all our mobile phone data like Ringtones, Wallpapers, Images, Songs & even Full Length Movies.

These MicroSD Memory Cards are handy and very useful data storage devices as not only are they small and easier to carry plus some of these tiny MicroSD Memory Cards can store upto large amounts of data in small size , sometimes even 32 GB of data can be stored into these memory cards.

In order to protect your data stored on these MicroSD Memory Cards, many cell phones especially the one’s made by Nokia provide you the option of protecting the MicroSD Memory Card data by using a Password to lock & thus prevent Unauthorized access to your critical data stored on your MicroSD Memory Card.

But What Happens if you protect your data on the  MicroSD Memory Card But End Up Forgetting Your Password !!!!

Read More


Convert YouTube Videos To RingTones Easily Using Tube2Tone and MadCreator

YouTube boosts of a huge collection of online videos, Often we come across videos on YouTube which have fantastic music which we desire to use as a ringtone for our mobile phones. Though there are several Sound Editing Softwares available which can edit the YouTube Video & convert as a ringtone. There is an excellent website known as Tube2Tone which makes Creating Ringtones From YouTube Videos into One Easy One Click Online Solution .

Easily Convert YouTube Videos To RingTones Easily Using Tube2Tone


Go to and enter the YouTube Video URL from which you want to create a Ringtone & click on Search, Read More