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Update Windows and Office Offline Without Using Any Internet Connection

Microsoft on a daily basis releases important Updates and MS , if you have the Download Updates automatically option enabled then you can get this updates installed automatically in the background of your PC. but a majority of PC users actually disable this feature of Download Updates Automatically, and there are some users who actually dont have an . & hence they cant receive these automatic updates from Microsoft and hence their PC remain prone to new virus/malware attacks & can result in System Crashes also.

Not To Worry anymore as Techie WhizKid is here to help you.  Now you can download and install Microsoft Windows & Updates offline by using WSUS Offline Update Software

By Using WSUS Offline Update Software – you can download all the necessary updates required by Microsoft Windows & MS Office, burn these updates on a DVD or copy them to a USB drive & install it on the PC which is offline & does not have any internet connection.


You can also download Service Packs and also create an ISO images of the downloaded updates which you can burn on a CD/DVD.

Download WSUS Offline Update by Clicking Here

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One Response to Update Windows and Office Offline Without Using Any Internet Connection

  1. Roman says:

    Doesn’t have an option for office 2000.

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