10 Things You Need to Know about Nokia Lumia 520

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Nokia delivered a lot of news at the Mobile World Congress that took place in Barcelona, Spain. Nokia made announcements about its plans to take its recent and future high tech innovations across more markets widening its consumer base, and with that consumer favouritism. Also in the news were Nokia’s plans to engage in new partnerships and ventures which would utilize the Company’s already perfected expertise in imaging, location and entertainment to make ultra fabulous applications.

Previously Nokia sneakily and unsuccessfully attempted to carry a RM-914 model through the FCC without being noticed. Failing miserably the device was spotted and revealed to really be the Lumia 520.  The Lumia 520 is now out in the public after a Mobile World Congress-ional release and is a replacement to the Lumia 510. Personally, and professionally, after dissecting and assessing this phone, it scores well. Take a look at our ten specific reasons which will help you decide whether this Lumia 520 is the phone for you.


Reason No.1:

Two words, Budget, friendly. The Nokia Lumia 520 is not a phone that compromises features just to fit in lower price figures conquering unaware and fool-easy purchasers. You’ll get more than what you paid for by way of a complete Smartphone. Keep aside Rs.10, 000/- in savings towards a Lumia 520 fund and be a happier person for it. We can see competitors shaking like autumn leaves at this spring-summer launch.

Reason No.2:

It’s a Windows Phone. The Lumia 520 works the Windows 8 Operating System so well; even Android devotees will adapt and fast. Keeping in mind the low cost, the fact that you get a wholesome Windows 8 experience, is a point excessively in favour of this latest Lumia piece.

Reason No.3:

The great alchemy of Nokia and Microsoft. Nokia will work in Microsoft’s favour, drawing more customers to the Windows world, and Microsoft works in Nokia’s favour to add a high quality OS experience.


Reason No.4:

The digital camera lens is the same as that in the Nokia Lumia 920 which in practice can render high quality images. The back camera has a neat 5MP rear camera with 720p video recording.

Reason No.5:

Cool features like Nokia Music right out of the box, offering free music and the entire suit of Nokia Here apps. While Android apps are fabulous, the apps offered here over and above the usual, will make users more than content.


Reason No.6:

Its four-inch super sensitive touch screen that is very responsive and a lot more than what is available in the market within this price range. The display is a WVGA (800×480 resolution LCD panel. The size of the screen makes for better readability and makes the text more clear and sharp. Typing on the screen is easy, and you can use all its functions with one hand.

Reason No.7:

The outlay and design of the phone, maintain the classy Lumia look, with a touch of sleek and much style. This Lumia, is characteristic of the brand identity created by Nokia and so despite the fact that this ranks low in terms of price, the phone looks great. On the right side are three buttons which are the volume rocker, power and the dedicated shutter button. On the top is a 3.5mm jack sits on top, and at the opposite end is a micro-USB charger is on the bottom.

Reason No.8:

Less is more. We’re talking about its light weight and smaller size. No jokes. The body of the phone is 9.9 mm in thickness which is only but a little more in size than a regular Smartphone, but not far off from the Lumia line of devices. The size being smaller is a welcome change and does well with the Windows 8 experience. The phone feels solid which is sufficient and expecting would be on the dangerous side of noble.  The corners are mildly curved for better handling and even improve the look of the device.



Reason No.9:

The Lumia 520 has HSPA+ connections (up to 21Mbps) on 850/1900/2100 (another model offers 900/2100) and GSM/EDGE 850/900/1900/2100. It also has 512MB of RAM with dual core processors which are more than decent enough for a phone of this range.

Reason No.10

Battery life is strong and lasting. The fact that this phone does not have power hungry hardware means it will be efficient and reliable giving substantial talk time. You won’t feel let down by a fast draining battery, even when you have processes like apps running. The user can feel comfortable checking emails, browsing the internet and taking frequent calls, without worrying about the remaining power left.

For those who simply want to partake in the Lumia experience, the Lumia 520 is a good option. For those who need a separate device that will serve purposes like a navigation guide, source to send out business and work related emails and take conference calls, the Lumia 520 is the way to go. Even as a secondary phone, given its great battery backup, this device of Nokia is a cheap alternate device to have. This phone is Nokia’s most affordable device to offer the Windows 8 Operating System experience.


The touch screen is responsive and switching between features doesn’t result in any lag or hitches. What more can a phone at this price that goes beyond basic and stops at high end pack in? Nothing. Nokia seems to have hit the nail with this one, and the Company’s move to make this phone available to more markets across the world will see a good reflection in its profit projections, since pricey phones do not do well in most emerging markets, and low costing, efficiently working phones are the ones that carry through.

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