3 Computer Security Tips to Stay Safe Online

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3 Computer Security Tips to Stay Safe OnlineAlthough is growing really fast this century with a whole lot of things to do; some use it for business, some for dating, some for advertise etc. so also the dangers that are associated with the internet grows. If you don’t really know how to handle this entire problem, you might end up been a victim of internet and its problem as the sayings goes, “everything has its own problem”. Experience they say is the best teacher but most you fall a victim of something bad before you learn how to avoid that situation and how can you avoid something you do not know anything about. That why amgoing to share with you my awful experience as an internet user and this will surely help you stay safe and not be affected the same I was.

Mind the Site You Visit

My first time on the was an experience that I will never forget because it so much caused me a lot of trauma. Then like I said I was a novice and so I just open any website that and other search engine directs me to not knowing that am hurting both my system and myself.

Some websites that are on the net are not a place to visit because that carry so much danger that can cause a permanent damage to your system and that is the type of site I do visit. Am going to withdraw names for some reason but am going to give you tips about these types of website. Whenever you visit a website that is always bringing up pop-up windows and it says “we have discovered that there is virus on your system (even when you have a good anti-virus), please click this button so that your system can be scanned for such virus and be removed”. Please do not follow all this instruction as they are going to affect your system’s performance. These are not the only type of site that isdangerous to your system. All those sites that nude models are displayed or rather porn site are extremely injurious to the health of your computer and bear in mind that if you do not have anything to do on a site, why visit them. To avoid all this problem, the best way is to stay clear from those site that harbor them.

Mind What You Download

What I meant by saying “mind what you download” is that some content that are available for download on the net are extremely dangerous. All you have to do is download them and the next this you will discover is that your system is packed full of virus that will affect your system and make you spend a lot on it before they can be used again. All this software varies from different ranges and the fact is that the bigger the size of the file, the more space available for the virus to operate. Some virus like Trojan horse does spread easily with file and they really find it convenient eating and spreading into your file and they are readily available on the internet.

The only way out to avoid this is that always download from website that you really trust and still remember to always use good anti-virus for proper protection from all this issues.

Use Trustworthy Anti-Virus

Is not all anti-virus that are really trust worthy as there are some that they only appear by name but the fact is that they are a big problem themselves. Some of these so call viruses usually fall within the range of free spy ware (free anti-virus). One major reason why all this anti-virus is free is just that their databases are not fully prepared. The producers will surely remove one thing that is quite important and they will ask you to come and download it. Now let’s imagine a situation where you don’t have the avenue of doing the download, then all your system will be a home ground for virus. I am not saying that all free spy wares are not good but just be careful of the type you choose to go with as they have a way of affecting your sweet and smooth surfing.

This is a Guest Post by  Odesanya Taiwo. Taiwo is a tech writer and a tech blogger who writes for a technology blog called Techatlast. He also spends time to provide latest news for thenewsofthepeople, a News Website.

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