LG Optimus One vs Samsung Galaxy 3 vs Samsung Galaxy 5

Comparison of 3 Midrange Android Phones – LG Optimus One vs Samsung Galaxy 3 vs Samsung Galaxy 5

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's Android OS is rapidly becoming the Leading OS for Smartphones Worldwide, It has already surpassed Apple's and 's Blackberry OS to become the Number 1 OS for Smartphones in the US. With an ever expanding Android App Market with thousands of new Android Apps being added each day, and new handset manufacturers lining up to produce more Android Handsets to gain the upperhand in the Smartphone Handset market, Today we compare 3 most Popular Midrange which are moderately priced in the Midrange below Indian Rupees Rs 13,000 segment. –  LG Optimus One vs Galaxy 3 and .

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LG Optimus One vs Samsung Galaxy 3 and Samsung Galaxy 5

LG Optimus One vs Samsung Galaxy 3 vs Samsung Galaxy 5LG Optimus One Review


Samsung Galaxy 3 Review


Samsung Galaxy 3 vs Galaxy 5 Review


Verdict – LG Optimus One – A Winner and a True Value For Money Android Smartphone

It all boils down to a showdown between LG Optimus One vs Samsung Galaxy 3 (I5800 Apollo), as both phones are nearly equal in Hardware specs, and features, but what sets the LG Optimus One apart on a very small but yet a significant margin from Samsung Galaxy 3 is the Android OS Version – Android 2,2 Froyo. LG Optimus One is the only phone in the Midrange Category to feature the Android 2.2 Froyo OS in their phone, and as with LG's recent promise with releasing the Latest Android 2.3 Gingerbread Update soon on the Optimus One makes it a True Value for Money Phone.

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