Finding the ideal ‘pick-up-and-play’ gaming experience on a smartphone

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Finding the right smartphone these days can be a tough ask. First of all, you’ve got the likes of Samsung and Apple to choose from, fighting your way through all the claims and all the ads to find out the actual facts about the models on offer, but then you’ve got a broad range of operating systems to untangle as well, like iOS and Android. 

Picking the right smartphone for you is a subjective business, especially if you have various priorities in mind like taking photos, sending work emails, and keeping in touch with friends on social apps like Facebook and Twitter. If one of your main priorities during the purchase process is to find a model that will make playing games on the move a seamless experience though, what sort of smartphone should you opt for, and what sort of games work best with the smartphones on the market today?

It’s worth saying first of all that there are brands that try to make this challenge an easier one to navigate for‘s mobile casino app works across the three main operating systems: Android, Apple iOS, and Windows. However, is this democratic approach to mobile gaming the exception or the rule?

Board games, card games, table games: which can smartphones best handle?

To answer our question, it makes sense to focus on the different types of game a typical gamer might choose to play.

Mobile board games can fight an uphill battle since they are so vividly and readily compared in our minds to the original version of the respective game. There are some mobile gaming apps like Catan (which can be downloaded on iPhone or Android devices) that stay true to the physical incarnation of the game that many of us remember from our childhoods, but other games can leave players scratching their heads wondering how the shiny mobile features relate to the original version we used to play on a Sunday afternoon!

In contrast, table games, and particularly card games tend to work very well on smartphones and are perfect for that ‘pick-up and play’ experience. Games like Pokemon TCG Online tend to run smoothly, and can be faster to get to grips with in comparison to mobile board games. Take traditional card games like blackjack as an example. Gamers, both amateur and experienced, tend to be familiar with the basic rules, and these rules are unlikely to differ significantly between physical and mobile versions of the game.

Blackjack and roulette: different demands from different games

Nostalgia and accessibility aside, what else can make the gaming experience changeable across different smartphones?

Well, a lot of the time it comes down to the quality of the images and the ease of touch screen control.

Some apps offer HD gameplay. For instance, 32Red will enhance the quality of gameplay across a range of smartphones on its mobile casino, so that its top-rated games like Game Of Thrones, Mega Moolah, and Classic Blackjack really stand out. So again, some brands do make it easier to navigate the smartphone market.

In general, though, while Android is excellent for using multiple applications simultaneously, the Apple iOS software is significantly easier to use in terms of its touchscreen technology and general user interface.

If you’re playing a card game like blackjack, this sort of thing may not be uppermost in your mind, but switch to a game like roulette and you’ll be changing your mind, choosing different options, zooming in and out all over the place, and very much wanting a smoother and less jumpy in-game play experience from your smartphone. In this instance, perhaps Apple is the way to go. 

Age isn’t just a number: does smartphone age affect your ‘pick-up and play’ experience?

Board games, card games, table games:the number of them on the mobile app market is sizable. One tip when looking at phones is to pick your favorites, check whether there is uniformity in terms of your play experience on different smartphone operating systems, and go from there.

Remember also that age is a big factor when it comes to quick and responsive play. It may be fine to use mobile casinos from operators like Pocketwin, who offer a relatively small, carefully picked selection of games but have the trade-off that the app shouldn’t leave any older operating system you have crashing all the time. More sophisticated apps will, however, work better on newer smartphones.

So there you have it, hopefully we’ve made the minefield of smartphones slightly easier to navigate if gaming is near the top of your priority list. Whichever brand and whichever model you choose, have some gaming fun this Christmas on the go! 

This Article is written by Dan Vicars

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