Google Launches Animated Doodle To Celebrate Sir Isaac Newton’s Birthday

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Did you browse Google Today and Noticed a Falling Apple on the Screen & Wondered Whether Google was mocking its Arch Rival – APPLE by displaying a Falling Apple on it’s homepage!!…Well You Got it Wrong !!!!!…..The Real Answer is Down Below…

Google For the 1st Time Ever has used an Animated Doodle on its homepage – 
to celebrate the 366 birthday of Sir Isaac Newton, What makes this doodle special is that it pays homage to Sir Isaac Newton’s Discovery of The Theory of Gravity by displaying a falling apple on it’s homepage.
According to Popular Technology Blog – Digital Inspiration – This Animation was not created by using GIF Animation or Flash but simple JavaScript. Here is the JavaScript Code for reference

<img width="384" height="138" border="0" onload="
{var h=0,v=1,f=document.getElementById('fall'),i=setInterval
(function(){if(f){var r=parseInt(,b=parseInt
{clearInterval(i);h=0;v=1})},2000)" style="margin-top: -1.22em;" 
id="logo" title="Birthday of Sir Isaac Newton" alt="Birthday of Sir 
Isaac Newton" src="/logos/newton10-tree.jpg"/>
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