Google Nexus One First Preview and First Impressions With Video By Engadget

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This Should Be Called The Mother of All Big Leaks for the New Year so far, & Google – The Big G Would be very worried as before the 1st official announcement for Nexus One which was supposedly on the 5th of January, The Folks at popular Tech Blog Engadget  have got their hands on a Nexus One, & their blog post includes a hands-on preview of the Nexus One Phone along with a video walkthrough of the Nexus One and a fantastic photo gallery.

Nexus One Hand’s On Video By Engadget

The Nexus One is a Android 2.1-powered smartphone features a 1.0-GHz Snapdragon processor, 5.0-megapixel camera, 512MB of RAM/ROM, and a 3.7-inch touchscreen.Some of the added features in Android 2.1 and the Nexus One phone are the weather widget, which gives you the current and 7-day forecast. The widget also comes with top news stories from the U.S., sports and entertainment.

 Some noticeable new features are the multi-tasking quick list, prompted when the user holds down on the screen to jump from page to page. The menu icon arrangement also received a new look and feel; icons on the desktop will give off the appearance that they are curving or tucking them away when slightly out of view on the top or bottom of the screen.

Nexus One comes with Google Maps improvement on scrolling, where the device shows off its speed, compared to the Droid.One of the coolest features on the Nexus One is the live wallpaper backgrounds, where some interact with the user’s touch, a feature that boasts great potential. The downside to this feature is that it could be rather taxing on the CPU of the device, using up more battery life than users would like.

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