Google Nexus One vs iPhone 3GS, One Possible Reason How Nexus One Can Win Over iPhone

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Can You Think of 1 Possible Reason How Google’s Nexus One can actually succeed over Apple’s iPhone ??

No, It’s not because of Android Operating System, neither the cool voice commands feature & neither even 1 of the 16,000 apps that you can download online from Android App Store. If not these then what can it be which can enable Nexus One To Succeed over the iPhone?

Answer – It’s The Nexus’s One’s Ad Right below Google’s Search & “I am Feeling Lucky” Buttons which makes it easily best “in-store” product placement of any phone in the history of mobile phones

google-nexus-one-ad1According to, a Web site traffic analyzer, currently reaches 146,063,379 unique visitors each month, and delivers 2,636,325,410 new page views in a month. These Outstanding Website hit numbers make Google the Number 1 Website on the Internet. It’s guaranteed that the Nexus One’s homepage will get a lot of traffic from Google’s Ad on the Main Homepage of Google & We can only guess on how many will actually end up buying Nexus One….My Guess That Number will be huge if i go by the hits that Google receives in 1 month.

Video Review Of Google Nexus One vs iPhone 3GS – Courtesy –


Comparison Guide of Nexus One vs iPhone vs Motorola Droid vs Palm Pre

Nexus One vs iPhone vs Droid vs Palm Pre Comparison
Nexus One vs iPhone vs Droid vs Palm Pre Comparison

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