Google Stadia Review Google Stadia Price

Google Stadia Review Google Stadia Price Google Stadia FAQ

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Stadia Preview | Stadia Price| Stadia FAQ

Introducing Stadia – Google yesterday at Game Developers Conference formally announced it’s long awaited cloud gaming service called Google Stadia which was once known as Project Stream. With Stadia, Google lays out a plan to take on leading Video game Console giants such as Sony and Microsoft, the overall PC gaming industry including Steam and also on live streaming platform called Twitch.

Could Stadia be a future in Gaming? Will it become a Netflix like solution for gamers to play their favourite games on any device? Since Google already owns a massive server infrastructure on the cloud, it’s depending on these servers to be able to handle the heavy graphics of the latest games and then it will wirelessely broadcast the games to be played in realtime across all major devices including tablets and smartphones.

What is the Google Stadia Gaming Platform?

Google Stadia is a cloud based gaming service which allows a user to stream and also play games through an internet connection and Google Chrome browser and does not require any additional hardware unlike the current desktop PC’s and standalone video game consoles such as Sony’s PS4 or Microsoft’s Xbox One.

According to Wikipedia Stadia supports the streaming of games in HDR at 60 frames per second with 4K resolution, and anticipates eventually reaching 120 frames per second at 8K resolution. Once subscribed to the Stadia gaming service, players can start games without having to download new content to their personal device. Players can opt to record or stream their sessions onto YouTube through Stadia.

What is Google Stadia Price and Stadia Subscription

Google currently did not disclose any information on Google Stadia price and subscription details. It could be free, or even be offered as a monthly based subscription packages just like Netflix or even be an extension of it’s Play store. Further information about Google Stadia subscription and Google Stadia Price is still awaited from official Google sources.

When is Google Stadia Releasing? What is Google Stadia Release date?

No official date is announced as on 20th January 2019 from Google on when is Google Stadia releasing. However in the Stadia Keynote it was revealed that Google will officially release Google Stadia in USA, Canada, UK and Europe in 2019.

What is the Google Stadia Controller Price?

Again, Google has not yet revealed any information about the Stadia Controller price.

Which games will be supported by Google Stadia?

In the GDC demo, Google showcased Assassin’s Creed Odeyssey. However the first title to officially support Google Stadia will be the science fiction horror shooter game Doom Eternal. According to ID Software’s Marty Stratton, Doom Eternal will be fully supported on Google Stadia and will be playable on 4K resolution, HDR and 60 fps gameplay.

What Internet speed is ideal to play and stream games on Google Stadia?

Google recommends a minimum 25mbps connection speed in order to enjoy gaming and streaming on Google Stadia.

Which devices will support Google Stadia at launch?

With Google, your games will be immediately discoverable by 2 billion people on a Chrome browser, Chromebook, Chromecast, Pixel device. And we have plans to support more browsers and platforms over time according to Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai.

Will I be able to use my PS4 or Xbox Controller to play on Google Stadia?

Apart from the standard Google Stadia controller, Google confirms that users will be able to use PS4, Xbox One or Nintendo Switch controller since the main interface to access games on Stadia platform is the Google Chrome browser.

Does Google Stadia support iPhone and iPad devices?

No official statement was issued by Google on whether the apple devices including iPhone, iPad will be supported by Google Stadia or not.

What are Google Stadia Live Streaming features?

Stadia is also introducing a feature Google calls “Crowd Play,” which allows fans of video game streamers to play with their favorite online personalities while they’re live on YouTube. This feature seems to be a direct move to lure avid Twitch users to Google’s video site.

If a streamer is broadcasting themselves playing NBA 2K19, for example, viewers could click a “Join This Game” button to queue themselves up to face off against their favorite YouTube creators. YouTube would essentially become both a streaming site where people watch gaming, but also a place they can actually play the games themselves, explains the site’s Head of Gaming Ryan Wyatt

“The person watching can simply click the link and be placed into the lobby for the next game,” he said. “Crowd Play can act like an all new lobby system for games. With Stadia, YouTube becomes the ultimate discovery and engagement tool for content.”

Google Stadia Launch Event in 5 minutes Video

Google Stadia Review Google Stadia Price Google Stadia FAQ
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