How to Check if your friend is Actually Invisible or Blocked you on Yahoo Messenger, AIM Messenger, GTalk or MSN Messenger

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yahoo_messenger_logoYour messenger shows your friend to be offline and you think he actually may not be ? You think he might be staying invisible to you or might have blocked you ? Wish you could check out if he is actually online ? Read on….

For :

There are  two ways in which you can check whether your friend who seems to be offline is actually online ( and is invisible ) or he is actually offline

The first is a simple way to check.

  1. Open a chat box for a private chat with your friend in yahoo messenger.
  2. Load the IMvironment “doodle” on your private chat box.
  3. It will say ‘waiting for your buddy to load the doodle'.
  4. If it loads up successfully , it means that your friend is actually online but is specifically appearing invisible to you.
  5. If for more than 30 seconds it keeps on displaying the waiting message , it  means your friend is indeed offline at that moment of time.

The second way to check on Yahoo messenger is :

  1. Go to the site
  2. Here key in the yahoo ID of the person whom you wish to check if he is online or not. You do not need to give in your username or password here.
  3. Press ‘check' and it will retreive the original status from the yahoo server.
  4. If it shows online , then the user is actually online and may have blocked you or is being invisible to you. If it shows offline then the user is actually offline.

For :

  1. Go to the site
  2. Enter the AIM screen name of the person whose status you wish to check. You do not need to enter your screen name or password.
  3. If the user is actually online and is being invisible to you or has blocked you , the status will here be shown as online else if the user is actually offline ,the status is shown as offline.

For MSN Messenger :

  1. Go to the site
  2. Enter the complete msn Id with a proper domain name in the text box here like or
  3. Press check and the actual status of the person will be returned as the result to you so you can know whether the person is actually online or offline.

For GTalk :

  1. Start a new chat with the user whose actual status you wish to check.
  2. Keep the chat to ‘off the record' so that it doesn't log in the account.
  3. Send a message to the friend in the chat box.
  4. If the user is online the message will be delivered , else if the user is actually offline you will get an error message indicating that user is offline.

So now you can always know if your friend is indeed offline or he just being invisible to you.

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