How To Convert Your iPhone or iPod Touch Into an iPad

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iphone1Apple-iPad-001 Presenting an Excellent Hack by which you can convert your existing jailbroken iPhone & iPod Touch into an iPad.

Since both iPhone & iPad are based on the same iPhone Operating System (iPhone OS 3.2), It’s very much possible to convert an iPhone or iPod Touch to look exactly like the iPad.

Just Follow the Steps given below in the video to to get the same lockscreen and springboard background, carrier logo which reads “iPad”, an iBooks like app, New York Times reader, the entire Kindle books catalog and much more.

And Then Download & Install these apps given below into your iPhone & iPod Touch in the following order –

  • Winterboard app via Cydia
  • “Simple iPad Theme” via Cydia
  • MakeItMine app via Cydia to Change the Carrier logo to iPad. More details here.
  • Shrink app via Cydia to reduce the size of all the icons on the springboard.
  • ProSwitcher via Cydia for Multitasking. More details here.
  • NYTimes – The New York Times app for iPhone via App Store
  • Classics – The iBooks lookalike app for iPhone via App Store
  • Kindle for iPhone via App Store

Here is the video, showing each and every step in detail on how to convert your iPhone and iPod Touch into an iPad.


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