How To Convert Your LinkedIn Profile to a Resume Online Easily

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LinkedIn is a very popular Social Network mainly used by Working Professional to build and add work related contacts easily, LinkedIn is also frequently visited a lot by Recruiters from Leading Companies who are looking to hire a suitable candidate for a job and they actively seek Qualified Candidates for the Job roles on LinkedIn.

And If you have an active profile on LinkedIn and are looking for a new job or basically want to use LinkedIn to get your 1st Job then look no further as the team at LinkedIn Labs has released a new online tool called Resume Builder that, as the name suggests, will turn your LinkedIn Profile into an impressive-looking resume.

Convert Your LinkedIn Profile to a Resume Online Easily

All you need to do is log in with your LinkedIn account and authorize the app to access your data – it then fetches your entire profile information that you’ve shared on Linked and turns it into a neat and printable PDF.

First you need to sign into LinkedIn. Then choose a resume template that  suits your style like classic, modern, business, executive, law etc. Your resume content is automatically fetched from your LinkedIn profile. You can customize it and  also pick which sections (summary, specialties, experience, education, etc) you wish to include and in what order. See some sample resumes here and here.

After your resume is finalized, then you can export your resume as a PDF and print it any time. Your resume gets a custom link – so  you can share it with others via email, LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter.

Now everyone has a LinkedIn profile, why not try to create your resume right now – Try out LinkedIn’s Resume Builder.

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