How To Find Compare and Book Cheap Air Tickets Online in India and Abroad

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Airlines in India have been in the news recently and many Airlines had proposed to hike their air fares significantly but the Indian Aviation Ministry never allowed that and thankfully for the local traveler that’s a good news and Many Airlines have been instructed to publish the air ticket and air fare prices online on their respective websites.

But Do We the average travelers always on the lookout for a cheaper priced ticket have the time to log on to each individual Airline’s Website to find out which airline is offering the best deal? The Answer Would be a “NO”.Though there are specific travel portals available to find the best travel deals but they charge their booking commission in the total airfare or package and as a result the customer ends up paying different prices on the air tickets booked on the different travel websites.

So then How To Find Compare and Book Cheap Air Tickets in India?

The Answers lies in 2 Superb Travel based Search Engines – Kayak and iXiGo.

Find & Book Cheap Air Tickets Online using Kayak

Kayak is a great search engine which is renowned world-wide for finding cheap flight tickets and travel deals worldwide. Kayak not only helps in finding the best cheap air tickets to india and the rest of the world but also helps in finding the best deals for booking Hotels as well. You can get a price alert, see cheap air fare prices in real time and also view fare charts offered by the various airlines in India and the World.

iXiGo is also one Travel Search Engine which is making rapid strides in India, iXiGo, the company is now powering the travel search on the official websites for the Delhi Indira Gandhi International Airport Limited (DIAL) and the Rajiv Gandhi International Airport of Hyderabad.

Just like Kayak, iXigo offers you the option of not only searching for best and cheap air tickets in india and cheap air tickets for the rest of the world, it goes one step ahead of Kayak, and offers the option to book hotels, cheap travel deals, and especially for Indian visitors the option to book cheap train tickets and cheap bus tickets as well.

So, the next time when you are travelling abroad from India or if you are a foreigner planning an Indian Holiday, do give Kayak and iXiGo a try and find the best deals on of not only cheap air tickets but also cheap hotel deals, cheap rail tickets and cheap bus tickets as well.

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