How To Get Old Facebook Profile Design Back

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A lot of people who have activated the New Facebook Profile are apparently not very happy with the new profile layout and want their old facebook profile back, But Alas! Facebook had clearly mentioned that once you activate your new Facebook Profile there is no way that you can revert back to the Old Facebook Profile Design.

But Here is a Quick Hack/ Tech Tip which if done carefully will restore your Old Facebook Profile.

Note – Before doing this thing, I want to tell you that Facebook is going to switch you all permanently to new profile page very soon. So if you still want to get old interface for some more days you can get it by following above steps.

How To Get Old Facebook Profile Design Back –

Step 1: Go to Account->Account Settings as show in the below image (it is a right hand side option). Go to Account settings option.


Step 2: Click on “Settings” tab and go to at the end of the page. Click on “Deactivate” option next to Deactivate Account option.


Step 3: Follow this step carefully.

Under “Reason for leaving (Required)” click on “This is temporary. I’ll be back” radio button. See the screenshot below for clear instruction. Don’t worry you will not loss any of your friends or anything. (click on the image to see larger view)

how to get old facebook profile

Step 4: You will be asked for password and to enter captcha code (security reasons). Kindly, fill both of them.

Step 5: Relogin to activate your account again.


Step 6: That’s it. Once you login into your account you will be able to see the old Facebook profile. You all information are intact as you can see from the image below.


Kindly, follow the tutorial to get old Facebook profile page at your own risk. We should not be blamed if you loss any of your information.

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