How To Install Multiple Apps In Windows At Once

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Imagine – You Bought A New PC & You have just finished installing Windows 7/XP on it Or you have  Reformatted your existing PC and were wondering – Wouldn’t it be nice if I could install all my favorite applications that i frequently use on my PC with a single click from one single website & not worrying about logging on to different websites to download each program individually.

Look No Further coz Today We showcase 2 Web Services which lets you to install multiple applications at once with no or minimal human interference.


AllMyApps is completely free and secure to use. User interface of AllMyApps is very simple – just add programs you want to the list and click on install button when ready. AllMyApps features a huge collection of popular and shareware software’s at one place.  You can add applications like media players, instant messengers, Runtime files, torrent clients, developer tools, utilities and more to the list to install on your computer.

First you have to register with the site to use its services for free, then install AllMyApps installer to install applications in one click. Browse through the software collection according to category or alphabetically to find and add software to the list. All software’s that are featured in this site are 100% legal to use.


Once you are done with making your list, click on the install button. A dialog box pops up asking permission to launch AllMyApps installer to transfer data. Click on the Install button, hereafter all the programs that you have added in the list will be downloaded and installed on your system one by one without any human interaction.


  • Build and save list of software’s to install in a single setup.
  • Huge collection of popular and less popular free and shareware applications.
  • Bulk-installation on both Linux and Windows.
  • Free web-based service featuring multiple applications at one place.
  • Find applications by categories or alphabetically.

Apart from AllMyApps, There is also Ninite Which helps us to install multiple Apps in one Go.


Go to the Ninite Website and pick the software apps you want to install.

After you made your choices, click on the Get Installer button at the bottom of the list.

Download the Ninite installer file.

Then double click to launch it.

It downloads your selected applications & installs them automatically without the need for you to click Next Everytime, as Ninite Installs all Apps Automatically.

Upon checking the Desktop & Start Menu all of the applications that you choose were installed with the newest versions.Making AllMyApps & Ninite very handy tools for every User & The Techie Geek 🙂 !

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