How To Install Ubuntu With Windows 7 Using VirtualBox

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I meet a lot of friends who use Windows OS’s (Windows 7 & Windows XP) mainly, but they are equally interested to try their hands on Popular Open Source Operating Systems Like Ubuntu on their PC’s but at the same time don’t want to install it in Dual Boot Mode since they are not familiar with Linux Installations.What Can They Do Now

An Alternate Method to try out a different OS with installing it in Dual Boot Environment is to run the OS in this case Ubuntu in a Virtual Environment inside Windows. This Method is Called “Virtualization”

To Install Ubuntu in Windows 7 or Windows XP, we will use a popular virtualization client called as VirtualBox

You Can Download VirtualBox From Here –
& Ubuntu From

After You have downloaded VirtualBox & Ubuntu, Please Follow This Video Tutorial To know how to install & run Ubuntu Under Windows Using VirtualBox.

Please Read the Full Article for Step By Step Pictorial  Directions to Install Ubuntu In Windows Using VirtualBox.

Step 1: First, start up VirtualBox and click on the New button or click on Machine and then New.

virtualbox install ubuntu

Step 2: Now the wizard will pop up, so click Next to continue. Give your virtual machine a name and choose Linux for Operating System and Ubuntu for Version. Click Next.

ubuntu virtualbox

Step 3: Now choose the amount of RAM you want to allocate to the virtual machine. The default is 384, which is pretty good, but if you have a lot of free RAM, it might be better to choose something higher like 512 or 784.

virtualbox ram memory

Step 4: Now you can choose to either create a new virtual hard disk or use an existing one. It’s recommended to choose a new hard disk.

new virtual hard disk

Step 5: Choose Next and then for hard disk storage type, choose Dynamically expanding storage.

dynamically expanding storage

Step 6: Now choose the location and size of your virtual hard disk
virtual hard disk size location

Step 7: Click Next and then click Finish. You’ll get a summary of all the details and then click Finish.
And that’s it! The new OS will now show up as Powered Off. You can start using Ubuntu by selecting it and choosing Start!

ubuntu install virtualbox

I hope this tutorial has helped you in learning how to install ubuntu and linux operating systems with Windows using VirtualBox “Virtualization” Method. Till Then Happy Computing!

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