Organize photos on facebook easily using myphotostats

How To Organize Photos on Facebook Easily Using MyPhotoStats

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Organize photos on facebook easily using myphotostats

So, you have hundreds of friends on Facebook, Each of them upload hundreds of photographs. That’s a lot of pics to keep up with. Especially when you add a new contact, and you find they have so many photos uploaded.

If you don’t find the time to see all the pictures already uploaded, consider yourself lucky as you have things to do other than Facebook! but sometimes, with so many news feeds coming in, you tend to miss out on some important photo updates from your friends.

Not anymore! With Myphotostats, a new from Pixable, organizing photos can get really easy and fun.

When you are logged in to Facebook and start using , what it does is show you just that. Your photo stats.

It shows you the following:

  • The top three friends you have been tagged with the most.
  • How many photos you are tagged in, and with how many people.
  • Ratio of male and female friends you are tagged with.
  • Total number of photographs uploaded by all your friends.

Further, it puts your photographs into easy to search categories. And you can also choose which friends photos to follow.

Let’s take a look at what the app Home page looks like.

So you see there are categories based on popular pictures within different time frames. I guess these are pulled out based on the number of comments and likes received. This seems like a good way to save time.

Then you have your friends list. You can choose which friends to follow within this app, so that you will receive updates when they upload photos. You can find a green ‘f’ button or the number of albums next to the friends you have chosen to follow.

I’ve opened up one of the categories, and it’s pretty easy to browse through pictures. There are some buttons on the right side bar that are pretty useful. These show the likes, comments and number of people tagged. The question mark is evidently the help button.

You can also like and add comments using this app.

These are the important features for now, but the app is pretty new so more features might be added later.

Does this seem like a useful app to you?

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