How To Recover Deleted Contacts in GMail

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Recover Contacts in GMailIf you accidentally deleted a contact or a list of contacts, don’t worry Gmail now lets you restore Contacts list to  previous state within the the past 30 days.  As Gmail allows the Undo Option for a Sent email message similarly Gmail now giving second chance to recover your deleted contacts in Gmail too.

To Recover Deleted Contacts in GMail, Follow The Steps mentioned below –

  • To do this, Login to Gmail and  simply click “Contacts” on your GMail interface.
  • easily recover contacts in gmailUnder “More Actions” you will find “Restore Contacts

gmail recover deleted contactsClick that, and a window pops open;

  • select  “Restore Contacts” and choose the time to restore to.

How To Recover Lost Contacts in Gmail

    Gmail restores your contacts to same state they were at your chosen time, any contacts added or not existed at that time will be deleted but you can always undo this restoration. Your contacts will be restored to exactly the same state they were in at that time — any contacts that didn’t exist then will be deleted and any that have since been added will be deleted. Don’t worry, you can always undo this change by restoring again if you didn’t get the time right.

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