How To Use GMail To Call USA and Canada For Free From India or Anywhere in the World

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Free Calls From Gmail To USA and Canada From Outside USAGoogle gave a Nice Christmas Gift for the US Citizens by announcing Free Voice Calls to USA and Canada throughout the year 2011.

But What if you live outside USA let’s say in India or UK or Australia and want to call your friends & relatives who are living in USA and Canada for free!! then how do you use this excellent service from Gmail  to make Free Calls From Gmail To USA and Canada From Outside USA.

Here is a simple tip which will help you in using GMail to make Free Unlimited Calls to USA & Canada From anywhere in the World.

1. Go to and Click on the download button.

Hotspot Shield Download

2. A save file download box will open up. Click on Save button.
Download HotspotShield

3. After it gets downloaded, launch this file by double clicking on it. Since it is the original setup downloaded it asks you where to download the setup files. Browse to change the default location then click on download to proceed.
Click Download

4. Download manager window will pop up showing the progress.
Progress Window

5. After the download gets completed the setup will launch itself. Select language and Click Ok to continue.

6. Then you will get the main installation window, click Next to continue.
Keep on clicking Next

7. Keep on clicking next and you setup will finish eventually. Click Finish to complete.

8. As soon as you click Finish, you can notice the Hotspot Shield icon in your taskbar.
Trayicon Hotspotshield

9. Now your browser will be launched automatically, (in case it doesn’t do it manually). You will get the following. Also notice that little red icon now turned to green which means you are connected.
Hotspot Shield enabled

10. After this you will be redirected to some page, just close it and open Gmail site.
Gmail Call outside US

11. Notice the new graphic on the left. Sign in and you can then find the call button right below your status.
My Account with call button

12. Click on this button to start the call. A new window will pop up, just like your friendly chat window.
Gmail Call for free

13. Dial the number you want to, and enjoy your free calls to US and Canada.

14. This Trick Also works if you use UltraSurf as your VPN Client instead of Hotspot Shield.

Hope You Enjoyed This Tech Tips on Using GMail to make Free Calls To USA & Canada From Anywhere in the World.

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