A Look At Why Did 3D Gaming Simply Not Take Off

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Why Did 3D Gaming Not Take Off?

Few people ever experienced 3D , despite them being an incredibly impressive spectacle. Far beyond the 3D of times past, the 3D in video games was more convincing, and extremely impressive to behold. But, there is no other way to put it other than 3D failed. And it failed hard; to such an extent that it almost bankrupted global giant Sony.

The question remains; why did 3D fail so miserably, and what were the factors that resulted in such an impressive being all but ignored by the public? Let’s take a closer look at why 3D was such an unmitigated failure.

Little Support for Big Investments

One of the biggest questions about 3D is as to why there seemed to be so little support for the technology, especially when clearly huge sums of money had gone into creating it. The televisions that supported 3D were top of the range, and extremely advanced. But 3D televisions alone were clearly not enough to sell the technology.

The televisions needed content; else the 3D was all but worthless. And that is where one of the major downfalls of the technology lay; it relied on third parties creating 3D technology, which there simply was not enough of. Only a few video games supported the new 3D advancements, but far fewer than should have been to sell an expensive technology.

Only a few movies were likewise committed, a handful at best, further failing to provide much needed supporting content.

Expensive Unsupported Tech

And, will all the lack of supporting content; the price of a 3D television was far too high. Even when not including the price of the Blu-ray player that would be required to play 3D movies. The idea from Sony had been that 3D televisions would get gradually cheaper as the technology caught on but it never did. This ultimately resulted in early adopters simply paying huge amounts, and having very little to watch on the expensive investment. Sadly, there is little that those currently with 3D televisions can watch ad there is certainly no way they can enjoy the online slots Canada has to offer either.


3D Becomes and

With 3D all but entirely forgotten, Sony and other makers of top of the range televisions quickly turned to the next trend; 4K. Another big technological advancement, 4K is yet another expensive step for consumers to take. But will it fail, or will it succeed 3D collapsed?

Given that the industry in general seems to be headed the way of 4K, even if slowly, assumptions are that the world will eventually embrace 4K, as it did HD. VR, on the other hand, is a different story.

Sony did recently announce that 2 million VR headsets had been sold, and that the VR investments would increase, with more games, and more dedicated games. If more gamers will invest in the still young technology remains to be seen. Though, it must be said, VR is already seeing more success than was achieved by 3D. So it’s safe to say that the waiting period for VR ha passed, and that future content is all but guaranteed.

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