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MyCFAvisit – Take Chick-Fil-A Survey to Enjoy Free Chicken Sandwich

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MyCFAvisit – Take Chick-Fil-A Survey to Enjoy Free Chicken Sandwich

What is MyCFAvisit survey by Chick-fil-A? If you are a regular visitor at Chick-fil-A restaurants and love their sandwiches and want to get a totally free Chick-fil-A chicken sandwich in your next visit? This is your lucky chance! You can get a totally free Chick-fil-A chicken sandwich when you participate in mycfavisit survey. Mycfavisit survey is conducted regularly by Chick-fil-A to check their customers’ satisfaction with Chick-fil-A menus and Chick-fil-A restaurant services. Mycfavisit survey results are also used by Chick-fil-A to evaluate Chick-fil-A employee performance. Mycfavisit survey can indicate if the employees have properly served the correct ordered menus to the customers or not, plus it can also help track employee behavior towards their customers.Therefore the mycfavisit survey is an integral method used by Chick-fil-A to understand and assess all the possible aspects which could need improvement. Chick-fil-A ensures that their customers are always happy with their products and services and gives each and every customer a chance to provide feedback by visiting and rewards each completed mycfavisit survey with a free Chick-fil-A chicken sandwich.

Chick-fil-A Restaurant Information – This was some useful information on mycfavisit survey. Let’s give you some information on Chick-fil-A restaurants. Chick-fil-A restaurant is a famous restaurant chain from the United States of America. Chick-fil-A serves american fast food and it’s most famous food item is the Chicken sandwich. Chick-fil-A has over 2200 outlets in US and Canada alone. Chick-fil-A restaurants were started by S.Truett Cathy in Hapeville, Georgia in the year 1946. He started the first restaurant on 23rd May 1946 and named it Dwarf House. This name “Dwarf House” was later changed to Chick-fil-A after a period of 20 years. In the past Chick-fil-A used to serve only breakfast, but in the present day they serve lunch and dinner as well apart from breakfast.

Chick-fil-A Breakfast timings – Breakfasts at Chick-fil-A are served daily from 6:30 AM to 10:30 AM.

Chick-fil-A Restaurant timings – Chick-fil-A restaurants are open from 6 AM till 10 PM. Chick-fil-A restaurants are closed every Sunday and on the occasions of Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays.

MyCFAvisit survey

MyCFAvisit survey information from

Prerequisites to complete MyCFAVisit Survey

Before starting to fill MyCFAVisit survey online at, you need to ensure that you are well prepared. Since the only way to complete this mycfavisit survey is only via the online website, and it takes only 5 minutes to complete the Chick-fil-A survey. So please ensure that you have the following below things ready before you start the Chick-Fil-A mycfavisit survey.

A Chick-fil-A recent receipt

In order to attempt the Chick-fil-A mycfavisit survey you need to have the Chick-fil-A receipt which also contains the survey invitation code. This survey invitation code which is found on the Chick-fil-A receipt is valid for 2 days only post your purchase at the Chick-fil-A store. Post 48 hours, the survey invitation code will expire and the participant will no longer be able to participate in the mycfavisit survey. Also one needs to understand that this mycfavisit survey invitation code is printed randomly and not everyone might get a chance to participate. Not even the Chick-fil-A cashier can print the survey code on request so it’s a matter of luck and chance if you get the Chick-fil-A survey code on the receipt, if you don’t get it the 1st time then you need to visit again and make a new purchase to improve your chance to get the mycfavisit survey code.

  1. A device

Since it’s an online survey, The best way to complete the Chick-fil-A mycfavisit survey is through an electronic device. It can be a desktop computer or even a laptop. The recommended method to complete the Chick-fil-A mycfavisit survey is by using a PC or laptop. The mycfavisit desktop version makes it easier to the user to complete all the survey questions. My CFA Visit survey is not recommended to be attempted on tablets or smartphones as since the mycfavisit survey is not mobile responsive, it can be very difficult to attempt the survey on tablets and smartphones. As there is no mobile version available of mycfavisit survey, it’s better to attempt the mycfavisit survey on PC or laptop.

  1. The internet connection

A good and stable internet connection is needed to complete the mycfavisit survey. With a good internet connection you can access a lot faster. Ensure that you have a fast internet connection before attempting Mycfavisit survey in order to avoid any last minute hurdles in not able to load the survey page properly.

  1. English or Spanish ability

MyCFAVisit homepage allows you to select the preferred language in order to take the Chick-fil-A mycfavisit survey. The two available languages for the survey are English and Spanish. In case if you want to attempt the mycfavisit survey in English, Click the English button to start the survey in English or if you are a native Spanish speaker than you can click the Espanol link to attempt the mycfavisit survey in spanish. Be careful to select the preferred language as you can only do that at the beginning of the mycfavisit survey.

Step by Step guide to complete Mycfavisit Survey

After you have the entire requisites ready, you can begin to do free chick fil a sandwich survey. You do not have to worry about the steps. The steps are easy. Everyone can do these simple steps very well. You cannot skip one of these steps, though. You must do these carefully. In case you need a guideline, you can follow the steps below to help you.

  1. Go to is where you can get a free chick fil a sandwich coupon. You should start your step from this page. To go to this page, you must open your browser first. That is why we have informed you to complete your device with a browser. You should install the browser first. When it is ready, open the browser and start accessing the page. Go to When you have reached the home page of Mycfavisit survey, you will see a simple web design. There are some blank fields there. Also, there is a link to change your language setting.

  1. Choose the language

Then, you can choose the language you want. The home page of Mycfavisit survey will appear full in English. That is the default language of Mycfavisit survey page. You will use the language until the end of the survey. If you are comfortable with the use of English, you do not have to change it. But if you prefer Spanish, you can change the language setting. You can click Español link, to make the page appear in Spanish. You would better not try to use the language that you do not understand. It is because, you will not find buttons to change the language setting in the middle of the survey. Besides, you cannot turn back to the first page only for changing the language. You’d better choose the language you know the most.

  1. Enter the survey invitation code

After that, enter Mycfavisit survey invitation code. You can find this code printed on your receipt. This code consists of 22 digits. There are five blank fields available. The use of the fields is:

  • 7 digits should be in the first blank field.
  • 5 digits should be in the second blank field.
  • 4 digits should be in the third blank field.
  • 4 digits should be in the fourth blank field.
  • 2 digits should be in the last blank field.

Fill the code based on the arrangement on your Chick-fil-A recent receipt. You must remember to use this code as soon as possible. You have 2 days to use it. After 2 days has passed, your code is invalid. It means you cannot use it anymore. Not all receipt has survey invitation codes. Once you get the code, try your best to use it before the expiration date. You must check the code you have entered is correct. Next, you can click Start button.

  1. Answer the questions

Now, you can start answering the survey questions. Try to recall your experience at Chick-fil-A store last time. Recalling will make you answer the survey questions easily. Be honest in telling your answers. If you find any good aspects or awful experience, let Chick-fil-A management know about it. The questions will be about:

  • your satisfaction level in general,
  • the way you order your Chick-fil-A menus,
  • the proper facilities at Chick-fil-A stores,
  • Chick-fil-A staffs’ friendliness,
  • quality of Chick-fil-A menus,
  • the frequency of your visit at Chick-fil-A stores,
  • your elaboration of making the rates for Chick-fil-A

Please click Next button every time you want to turn the page. That Next button will take you to another question page.

  1. Provide contact details

Then, you are able to provide the contact details of yours. That is including your phone number or your email address. Make sure you provide the correct email address. Mycfavisit survey will send the validation code to your email address. The contact information you give to Mycfavisit survey is your own responsibility. It means if you provide the wrong email address, you cannot receive the validation code. Chick-fil-A will not replace it with another validation code, though. Even though you can show the proof for taking part in the survey, you cannot get back your validation code.

  1. Write down the validation code

The validation code from Mycfavisit survey is your key to redeem the survey reward. When you have got the validation code, write the code on your Chick-fil-A receipt. That receipt along with the validation code will be your chick fil a coupon. In addition, you must check your inbox at your email account to get the validation code. You will get the validation code within 24 hours after you have completed the survey. If you cannot find the email in your inbox folder, try to check your other folders. Such as spam folder, social or promotion folder, etc. Or verify that your inbox folder still has enough space to receive emails. The most important thing is your email account does not have the firewall.

Those are the brief steps to participate in Chick Fil A survey. If you apply the steps above properly, you will not face any problem in completing My CFA visit survey. But, if something unexpected happens, you should not be panic. For instance, you cannot load the next survey page. In this case, you have to check your internet connection. Perhaps, your internet access is in trouble. Then, if the survey page does not work yet, you have to call Chick Fil A Customer Service. Just call 1 866 232 1040 to report this problem. Then, you will get the assistance from Chick Fil Customer Support staff.

Guidelines to submit Chick-fil-A Feedback

You do not have to worry if you do not have a Mycfavisit survey code. It is because you can still voice out your feedback without a code. You can share which aspect that makes you satisfied or unsatisfied. In case you have awful experiences during your visit to Chick-fil-A restaurants, you can let the management team know about the problems. In hopes, Chick-fil-A management team will help you to fix your problems.

When you do not own a Chick-Fil-A receipt, you can share the dining feedback at Chick Fil A Website. Chick Fil A official site informs you about all issues related to Chick Fil A. As the example, you can view Chick Fil A menu items. Besides, this site also invites you to sign up Chick Fil A-One. Furthermore, you can even order the Chick Fil A menu items by online. But, the most useful feature on this site is the Contact form. With this form, the customers can get in touch with Chick Fil A management. They can write any message containing the complaints or suggestions. Now, you can do the following steps as your guidelines if you want to give feedback to Chick-fil-A. Let us start it!

  • Go to

To submit your feedback, you can go to That is where you can get official information from Chick-fil-A. When you have reached the page, you will see an interesting website design with a menu bar and some helpful links.

  • Click Contact Us

On the homepage of the official Chick-fil-A website, you can scroll down the page. There are some more links there. Click Contact Us to get contact helps from Chick-fil-A.

  • Click Send Feedback button

After clicking Contact Us link, you will see another page when you can get deeper information about Chick-fil-A. Click Send Feedback button.

  • Choose to Share Feedback

On the new page, you will see there are some helps you can get here. Such as:

  1. Share Feedback on Orders & Restaurant Experience,
  2. Information & General Feedback on Chick-fil-A Menu,
  3. Information & General Feedback on Chick-fil-A Company and Marketing, and
  4. Get Technical & Account Help with Web, App, and Treats.

Now, you can choose Share Feedback and click it.

  • Choose the Feedback Type

Then, you will have to choose between giving compliment or complaint to Chick-fil-A. Choose the type that suits your feedback.

  • Provide Chick-fil-A Store Location

If you choose to give compliments, you will lead to telling the store location. You can use your receipt or just choose the City and the State name.

But if you choose to give complaints, you will have to tell first if you have done some efforts to clear the problems. After that, you must provide the store location. Such as:

  1. if it was your first time to make complaints,
  2. you called Customer Service,
  3. you spoke to someone at the Restaurant, or
  4. if you gave feedback on the app or web.

After that click Show Results and choose the restaurant you want to talk about.

  • Provide your date and time of visit

After you have given the visit date and visit time, click Continue button.

  • Tell how you ordered

You must choose which order you did last time. You will see some choices, such as:

  1. Front Counter,
  2. drive Thru,
  3. Mobile Order,
  4. Online (catering), and
  5. Phone call.
  • Tell how you received your order

You can choose if you received it by dine-in or carry out.

  • Choose feedback topic and subtopics

There are 3 feedback types here, for example:

  1. my order,
  2. service and staff,
  3. restaurant environment.

You can choose all of the topics. After that, you can complete it with the subtopics. Then, click Continue button.

  • Type your experience

You must make it as specific as you can. There are 1500 characters available for you. Next, click Next button.

  • Provide your contact details

You cannot skip this step. You must provide some information. Such as:

  1. First name
  2. Last name
  3. Email address: Chick Fil A may reply your message via email.
  4. Phone number: enter the phone number which can be reached by Chick Fil A.
  5. Home address: please include the street address, zip code, city, and state.

Then, click Submit Feedback button. You cannot get validation code after submitting your feedback. It means you cannot get a chance to enjoy a free Chick-fil-A Chicken Sandwich.

How to Contact Chick-fil-A Customer Service

It is possible for customers to experience difficulties during their visit to restaurants. It can happen to everyone. They can make complaints as well. That is why Chick-fil-A facilitate this service to help customers solve their difficulties. Customers can contact chick fil a customer service during working hours. We recommend you to see Chick-fil-A FAQs page before you contact Chick-fil-A customer service. But if you think your problem will not be clear without Chick-fil-A customer service helps, you can contact them There are some ways that customers can do to reach Chick-fil-A customer service. Here is the contact information of Chick-fil-A for you.

  1. By phone

You can reach Chick-fil-A customer service via phone. In case you have urgent matters, they will respond to you quickly. Tell them about your problems at 1 866 232 1040. You can tell about the employees’ behaviors, the wrong order, the food quality, and so on. If you are eager to contact certain stores’ numbers, you can search the numbers at the website. If you want to ask or complain about the specific topic related to the restaurant you visit, it will be better if you call Chick Fil A local restaurant.

  1. By website

The website is very beneficial because it has some links. That is including Contact Us link. You can share what you need on that website. You can visit the official website at Just follow the instruction at the website, and then submit your feedback.

  1. By Post mail

Mailing through standard post mail will takes time to get responses. If you want to reach Chick-fil-A customer service via mailing, you can send your letters to the following address.

Chick Fil A Cares

PO BOX 725489

Atlanta, Georgia 31139 – 9923

the United States

If you want to send your business letters, you do that to a different address. The location of Chick-fil-A headquarters is at:

5200 Buffington Road

Atlanta, Georgia, 30349

the United States

  1. By social media

You can use the social media platform to pick some updates from social media. From Chick-fil-A social media accounts, you can get some benefits. For instance, you can view the most updated Chick-fil-A menus, the upcoming events from Chick-fil-A, and so on. Also, you may make yourself notified if you do not want to get late info from Chick-fil-A. You can follow Chick-fil-A official accounts. These are the links to its social media accounts:


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