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Unfortunately in India, We still don’t have any real means for general people to trace a call & it’s location in real time. but atleast there is a silver lining – We can atleast trace the actual location where the mobile number was actually registered from. You can use this […]

I meet a lot of friends who use Windows OS’s (Windows 7 & Windows XP) mainly, but they are equally interested to try their hands on Popular Open Source Operating Systems Like Ubuntu on their PC’s but at the same time don’t want to install it in Dual Boot Mode […]

Imagine – You Bought A New PC & You have just finished installing Windows 7/XP on it Or you have  Reformatted your existing PC and were wondering – Wouldn’t it be nice if I could install all my favorite applications that i frequently use on my PC with a single […]

Call of Duty – Modern Warfare 2 becomes the Most Pirated Game of the Year 2009 with an estimated 4,100,000 downloads within only 2 months after it’s release. according to TorrentFreak. Provided these numbers are indeed accurate, Activision has potentially lost more than $245 million in sales on the PC […]