Pocket Boom Portable Vibration Speaker Review

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PocketBoom Portable Vibration Speaker Review**Disclaimer** The Following Post is a Sponsored Review for a Gearzap Product. Gearzap encourages Techie WhizKid Readers to buy New iPad Covers & iPad 3 Cases from Gearzap Online. 

Pocket Boom Portable Vibration Speaker Review 

The Pocket Boom Portable Vibration Speaker is a wonderful innovation in the field of portable gadgets.

What sets apart Pocket Boom from other portable speakers is:

Pocket Boom head turns any surface or object into a speaker
– ‘Magic pad’ sticks and attaches firmly to all surfaces and is easily removable
– Small size allows you to take it anywhere
– Standard 3.5mm headphone jack for compatibility with all phones and tablets

How does the Pocket Boom Portable Vibration Speaker work ?

Using the same principle as a drumstick creating a vibration on a drum and making a sound, the Pocket Boom can convert any surface into a portable speaker – with a variety of effects. The head of the Pocket Boom vibrates like a regular speaker, but the vibrations are amplified enabling it to make a large and high quality sound through anything – from a tablet, to a window, to a cup, to a box etc.

To use the Pocket Boom, it simply needs to be stuck to the surface of the product that you wish to turn into a speaker. In order to allow it to easily stick to surfaces, it features a magic sticky pad that attaches to almost any surface with ease, whilst being able to be removed without leaving any sticky residue. If the sticky pad loses some of its magical stickiness, simply wipe it with a damp finger and restore it to up to 95% of its original stickiness each time.

The Sound quality depends and varies from object to object on which the Pocket Boom is stick onto. The most amazing sound output that i observed was I connected it to my cell phone and Pocket Boom was attached to a cardbox box and an empty bottle, the sound output was clear, full of bass almost like a sub-woofer.

For a price tag of £19.99, The Pocket Boom Vibration Speaker is a great buy and a must have addition for any gadget lover.

Pocket Book Portable Vibration Speaker Techie Whizkid Rating – 4/5 – A Great Buy for a small price

Pocket Boom Portable Vibration Speaker Demo Video 

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