Recover MicroSD Memory Card Passwords From Cell Phones

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MicroSD-CardsNowadays we use cell phones which have an option of inserting a MicroSD on which we can store all our phone data like Ringtones, Wallpapers, Images, Songs & even Full Length Movies.

These MicroSD Memory Cards are handy and very useful data storage devices as not only are they small and easier to carry plus some of these tiny MicroSD Memory Cards can store upto large amounts of data in small size , sometimes even 32 GB of data can be stored into these memory cards.

In order to protect your data stored on these MicroSD Memory Cards, many cell phones especially the one’s made by Nokia provide you the option of protecting the MicroSD data by using a Password to lock & thus prevent Unauthorized access to your critical data stored on your MicroSD Memory Card.

But What Happens if you protect your data on the  MicroSD But End Up Forgetting Your Password !!!!

Here is a Simple Technique by which you can recover your MicroSD Password Easily.

All you need is a PC & a MicroSD Reader (nearly all of the major USB  Memory Card Readers available in the market can read MicroSD Cards as well)

Insert the MicroSD card into a PC card reader, and plug the card reader into your computer. You can use a standard SD card reader with the MicroSD-to-SD adapter, or a card reader specifically designed for micro SD cards.

In most versions of Windows, the AutoPlay will popup as soon as you plug in the card reader. Choose “open folder to view files” from the bottom of this window.


You will then see the folders stored on the MicroSD card. The folder you are looking for is called system. Open it.


Within this folder, you are looking for a text file called MMCSTORE. Double-click it, and it should open with notepad. Voila! There is your password.


If this trick doesn’t work thenyou can backup your files on your computer and format the MicroSD card. This will delete the password, so you can then selectively move the files you need back to the card.

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  1. Hey buddy how could u open memory card on pc when its locked? My brother has formatted his nokia 7610 and now his memory card locked. He dont know passwd. What to do? It will not open as its locked on pc too.any suggestions.

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