Twitter Blocks 370 Easy To Guess Passwords

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Thinking of Signing up for a New Twitter Account and still want to keep your birthdate or favourite car “Ferrari” or Porsche as your password! then it’s time you think again and select a New Password because Twitter has banned a total of 370 words which are very commonly used as Passwords by people around the world.

A study showed that 3.5% percent of people used their first name as password, while 1.6% used their last one. 2% of users chose “123456″ and 0.5% decided for “password” as their access code. Twitter’s list of banned passwords includes them.
The list also includes the names of popular TV shows, football teams like “Chelsea” and “Arsenal”, brands, names of famous cars such as “porsche” and “ferrari”, characters, sports places as well along with common dictionary words. “THX1138″ — title of the first film by Star Wars fame is also banned. “NCC1701″ — the registry number of Star Trek’s starship Enterprise — and “trustno1″, Fox Mulder’s password in The X-Files is also in the list.

So My Friends if you are in the habit of using common phrases as passwords then its time to change them & select a more stronger password with a combination of letters numbers & special characters, atleast on Twitter for the time being.

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