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Facebook is the largest photo sharing website of the world, More than a million people share their photos in their social circle on Facebook, and Uploading new photographs is a favourite hobby of many Facebook Users.

Normally to upload photos on Facebook, we login to our Facebook profile online and then we select Facebook’s Photo Upload Feature to upload new photos to our Facebook Account.

This can be a tedious task if we have to upload many photos in bulk and if we dont have a need to login to our Facebook account

Easy Photo Uploader is a nice little software program which allows us to upload photos to Facebook directly from our desktop/ hard drive folder without the need for us to login into our Facebook account in a browser.

Uploading Photos to Facebook using Easy Photo Uploader is very simple, all we need to do is to download and install Easy Photo Uploader and then right click on the photo or the set of photos that we wish to upload to Facebook and Easy Photo Uploader will present us with a new option in the Right Click Menu called (Send your photos to Facebook) which we can use to select and upload our photos to our Facebook Account.

Easy Photo Uploader is a free Facebook application with a small file size of only 2.6 MB. Just download and install it. The application will be then added to the Right-Click context menu. Now whenever you have to upload the pictures on Facebook, follow the steps as written below:

* Select the picture or pictures ( you may upload many pictures at the same time).
* Right click on them.
* You have a new option there (Send your photos to Facebook), select it.

The demo has been shown in the snapshot below.

You need not to worry about the account or album. The picture will be uploaded to the desired album.

After you install Easy Photo Uploader and then Open it for the first time – It will ask for your Facebook Account Information (Username & Password) plus it also provides an option to create a new account.

Then, just enter the email id and the password which you use to access your Facebook Account. If your system is used by you only, you may select to keep it logged in to make the procedure future easy.

Just like other facebook applications which ask for your permission to access your account details, Easy Photo Uploader also asks you for the same, so login to your Facebook account and allow Easy Photo Uploader to access your Facebook Account details.

After you have assigned the access of your facebook profile to Easy Photo Uploader, and are now ready to upload new photos using this amazing software, then go ahead and start uploading your photos – You can upload new photos to existing albums or Create a New Album as well using Easy Photo Uploader through which you can store your new photos in a new album.

And then the images will start uploading. Now, whenever you feel like adding a photograph to your account, you can easily do that. There is no need to go to your albums then browse the picture and then upload. It is very easy to upload it direct from your hard drive or desktop to your Facebook Account.

Easy Photo Uploader is also Tested on Windows 7 and it works great on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Click Here to download Easy Photo Uploader

Hope you have enjoyed this tutorial and it helps you in uploading lots of photos to your Facebook account in an easy way

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