How To Use A Dual Monitor Setup On Your Home PC

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With the incredible range of gaming available these days, the only thing better than having one great monitor, is two. Especially since we spend so much time online. Dual monitor setups are common in the modern PC world, and offer an enormous amount convenience. There is simply no substitute for having two screen spaces to work with, and a person will wonder how they ever managed with one once experiencing two.

But, how exactly does a two monitor display work? Is it a pain to setup, and what are the requirements? Let’s take a closer look at how a dual monitor system works.

Graphics Card Reliant

Most modern graphics cards have two outputs, for the purpose of running a dual monitor display system. In modern graphics cards these outputs are HDMI, which offer enormous convenience and flexibility. HDMI outputs will work with not only modern computer monitors, but also modern televisions.

Note, however, that a graphics card is required to have dual outputs in order to have a dual monitor display setup. As already said, most graphics cards have such output options as standard, with some having even more than two outputs. If a graphics card does not have two outputs, however, a dual monitor display is not possible. Simply check the outputs on your graphics card to see if a dual monitor display is possible.

How to Use A Second Display Device

In order to make use of a second display on your computer to play real money blackjack or for any other purpose, the process is about as easy as it could possibly be. Simply plug an HDMI cable into the second display, and insert into the second graphics card HDMI output. This can be done while the computer is switched on.

The computer should instantly pick up the new display, and start to output an image on to that display. Drivers will be installed automatically, as is required. This is all that is required to get started. But, using the second display as you desire may need some tweaking. Do you wish for the second screen to clone what is on the first, or be an extension of your workspace?

In , right click on the desktop background, and select “resolution.” Here will be shown the displays used, and how they are utilised. Changing the “multiple displays” option to “extend these displays” will allow desired applications and information to be dragged back and forth between the two displays.


If the second display does not work once being plugged in, there are a few hacks you can employ, but first, be sure of a few simple things. First, be sure that the second display is plugged in, and switched on. A light should glow on the display to indicate is on, and has power.

If it is still not working, ensure that the HDMI cable is properly plugged into the graphics card, and into the back of the display. Double check that the cable being used is indeed working, which can be done by using the cable to connect the first display.

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