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How To Recover Deleted Contacts in Windows Live Messenger 2011

How To Recover Deleted Contacts in Windows Live Messenger 2011

If you are a Hotmail, Windows Live Mail or a User and have happened to accidently delete some Contacts in error then this small tutorial will help you in recovering all the deleted Contacts in your Windows Live account.

1. Sign out of your account (if you are still online).

2. Go to and log in your account.

3. Click on Messenger->Contacts (you don’t need to sign in to Messenger).

4. Go to Manage->Restore deleted contacts.

5. Choose the contacts you want to restore and click Restore.  You can also restore all contacts by clicking on Restore all. Please note that you can’t restore contacts deleted more than 30 days ago.

6. After contacts have been restored, click on Add as friend.

7. Choose Invite in the pop up window. After that, contacts will be restored. Your friends will not receive any invitation because your ID is still in their list.

8. Sign in back to WLM. (It may take some minutes for deleted contacts to appear in your list)

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  1. 1 of my Contact was been deleted accidently but after following the steps show on techiewhizkid i was able to restore it back i thank this full team for helping me to restore my contact which was very important for me but 1 thing i couldnot understand is that as per ur steps ther will be no invitation send for adding it but whn i follow last step “INVITE” after that i got 1 pop up message (Deleted Contact Restored – friend invitation send) i cant understand wat dose it mean can any one explain it to me please Thank you all

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