The Bitcoin Plague – Graphics Card Price Horror Show

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Bitcoin – Graphics Card Price Horror Show

Bitcoin is very likely a passing fad, given that it has already plummeted in value, as of early 2018. But that hasn’t stopped the cyber currency from wreaking horrifying havoc in a few industries. Most notably, the graphics card industry. Anyone who has an interest in PC gaming will know that the price of graphics cards has gone through the roof, and for one reason only; Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency miners have been buying up graphics cards in their thousands.

At present, not only are virtually all graphics cards out of stock, but also the price for most graphics cards has more than doubled, and even tripled in some cases. The charts of graphics card prices look like steep mountains, and, naturally, gamers are less than thrilled about it.

But how will the situation work out, and is there reason to believe that prices will never come back down? Let’s take a look.

How Did It Happen?

The price increases have occurred very simply as a result of supply no longer coming close to meeting demand. Graphics card makers are used to selling a certain number of graphics cards in a week, a month, and a year. So, naturally, the makers are geared up to make only a certain number of graphics cards over a particular period of time. After all, what would be the point of making tons of stock that did not sell?

So, when the Bitcoin craze took hold, and graphics cards began to fly off the shelf at a ridiculous rate, there was simply no way to keep meeting the demand. It can be thought of as a restaurant suddenly having to cook for a hundred times the amount of guests it normally does. The only response graphics card makers had was to dramatically increase the price, as a means to try and control the situation.

It need not be said, of course, that most of these graphics cards that have been bought will again be getting sold second hand, as Bitcoin minders attempt to get rid of them. Incredible deals will likely be possible when this inevitability arrives.

The Price Increases Will Pass

It probably need not be said but is worth saying anyway; the massive increase in graphics card prices will certainly pass. One way or the other, prices will return to their normal value. The only question is; when will this happen?

As already said, Bitcoin value has already taken a fall and many don’t consider it a wise investment. So, it seems fairly obvious that the Bitcoin craze will pass, and unlike the rules of blackjack, the situation won’t remain the same forever. Plus, Nvidia, makers of the most popular graphics cards in the world, has already stated that the price increase will not last for much longer.

In the meantime, sadly, PC gamers have no choice but to sit tight, and wait for things to return to normal. What a bizarre, unexpected development to strike the PC gaming world. One can only hope that Nvidia will take measures to ensure that such things do not occur again in the future.

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