Controller Versus Keyboard And Mouse – The Smart Choice?

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Controller Versus Keyboard and Mouse

When it comes to the accessories you use for your gaming, making the right choice can easily mean the difference between having a great experience, and a frustrating one. Console gamers will be well used to using well-designed controllers, while PC gamers will be more familiar with a keyboard and mouse setup.

But is there an objectively good reason to declare that once controller system is better than the other? After all, a PC can easily use a controller these days. So would it pay to put aside the keyboard and mouse, and dedicate ones self to only using a controller?

Let’s take a closer look.

Precision – Mouse Is King

As far as precision goes in gaming, there is no better accessory to use than a good mouse. A mouse is an extremely accurate pointing device, so much so that an entire industry is based around selling gaming mice. But, of course, not every game is best experienced with a mouse. After all, one would be hard pressed to play a driving simulator, or fighting game, with a mouse.

In terms of first person shooters, however, a mouse is certainly the wise choice. Controllers simply struggle to allow aiming as precise, and there is little debate about this. As far as first person shooters go, there really is no better choice than a good mouse. The online gambling Canada has to offer is also easier with a mouse, as navigation is far more simple and seamless.

Accessibility – Controllers Rule

As far as easy access to buttons go, however, a controller really is hard to beat. The thumb-sticks and cleverly positioned buttons are perfectly designed for a pair of hands, and one has everything they need within easy pressing distance. A fighting game shines on a controller, especially given the flexibility of the thumb-sticks.

Keys, and mouse buttons, have only an off or on state, but thumb-sticks will register a wider range of states, making them excellent for a number of game genres. As far as fun, focused gaming goes, controllers really are the king of the hill.

And, further more, if more than one player is attempting to play a game, multiple mouse and keyboard set-ups certainly aren’t the most convenient choice. Simply plugging in a few controllers, and having many people sharing a single couch really is the way to go. Try sharing that same couch with each player having their own keyboard and mouse.

A Matter of Preference and Convenience

There really is no other way to say it; certain games are better with certain gaming set-ups. World of Warcraft would be all but impossible with a controller, but is perfectly designed for a keyboard and mouse. A fighting game would be an unwieldy mess with a mouse and keyboard, but is perfectly designed for a good controller.

It is simply a matter of specific games being designed for specific controller inputs, and the different types of controller inputs really not being very flexible. In other words; a gamer would be wise to be proficient at all types of controller input devices, lest they not be the best they can be with certain types of games.

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