Getting a modern game to run well can be a challenge, especially with modern gaming technology evolving at a breakneck speed. Everyone likes a steady 60 frames per second, but that isn’t always possible. Unless, of course, you can afford the latest and greatest hardware. And of course, not everyone […]

Controller Versus Keyboard and Mouse When it comes to the accessories you use for your gaming, making the right choice can easily mean the difference between having a great experience, and a frustrating one. Console gamers will be well used to using well-designed controllers, while PC gamers will be more […]

Why Did 3D Gaming Not Take Off? Few people ever experienced 3D video games, despite them being an incredibly impressive spectacle. Far beyond the 3D of times past, the 3D in video games was more convincing, and extremely impressive to behold. But, there is no other way to put it […]